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May 15, 2008 11:37 AM

Tama or Katsu-Ya for non $$$$$ sushi

I got lots of good responses to my question about where to get pastrami and im pretty much totally sold on langers.

With that decided im looking for input regarding sushi options. I was pointed towards Katsu-ya in studio city by a friend, but reading around some people seem to prefer Tama (though both seem well reviewed generally).

As someone who hasnt been to either, is there a clear choice? if not what would/should go into deciding between the two.

criteria are pretty open, my preferences are neither purely traditional or totally non-traditional, im just looking for the best overall experience.


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  1. obviously reservation availability will also influence the decision, but were pretty flexible so id like to make the best choice given the options/circumstances.

    1. Both are kinda pricey, really. Tama has the Omakase special.

      I direct you towards my favorite not so expensive sushi spot, Sushi House of Taka on Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks. Right near the Arthur Murray dance studio.

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      1. re: Diana

        point taken. both are certainly not cheap - i guess i meant that neither are mortage-my-condo pricey.

        the request wasn't so much one for favorites for budget sushi, but rather looking for comparisons between these two (or other similarly priced) options.

        1. re: tex.s.toast

          Taka is not "budget Sushi", If you wanted that, I would have said Don Sassabune or Midori.

          House of Taka is EXCELLENT.

      2. I've never been to Tama, but if you like fusion sushi, go to Katsu-ya. Their items like japanese ceviche, spicy tuna rice cake, and scallops with kiwi are really good. Katsu-ya's traditional sushi is solid but nothing to rave about, so go for the fusion sushi.

        My personal choice for quality and price is Sushi Gen. Sit at a table and get a sushi or sashimi combo. Great price and quality that is hard to beat. Truly one of the top sushi places for the price in LA.

        1. I don't consider Tama "pricey" at all. He has one of the most reasonably priced omakase menus in the city.

          As already mentioned, I think it comes down to the type of sushi/scene you want. Tama is mellow with more focus on nigiri and traditional Japanese fare and Katsu-ya is trendier in terms of scene and excels with its fusion cuisine.

          You'll have a great experience at either place...