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May 15, 2008 11:04 AM

Elsewhere than Hawaii :-)

Hi all--
Much though I LOVED the all-too-brief visit I made to Hawaii a few years back, and though I absolutely ate my way through it, I am wondering if anyone out there is interested in sharing their favorite Surprising Chow location... whether it be your home or a truck stop you happened upon, or a vacation place you jealously guard... where are the good eats, away from the big cities (AND the Big Island:-)

Mine? The Truck Stop Cafe, White Sulfur Springs, MT. Their biscuits and gravy made me understand why people EAT biscuits and gravy. Heck, why they CRAVE them.

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  1. Burlington Vt. - Bove's

    My family has been going to this family run business for over 20 years. They have the best red clam sauce I have ever had, I am even afraid to order it anywhere else because I know I will be let down. The anti pasta salad is a towering mountain the whole table can share. The sliced italian bread loaf is classic. If you are brave you will try their garlic sauce, but be prepard to spend the night on the couch unless you get your significant other to try it too.

    In the middle of winter, you will find a line out the door an hour+ long, to get into this 16-20 table restaurant. They have decent house wines, and a full bar for those of you who need it.

    PS-don't get this place confused with the commercial "Bove's" sauces you can find in grocery stores. That stuff I would not feed to my god, but the real thing is worth me freezing it when I am in VT. and sending it over night to myself to have at home!

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      "That stuff I would not feed to my god..."


      The red clam sauce, on the other hand, sounds like food OF the gods, to me!