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May 15, 2008 10:56 AM

Fresh Pita

Is there anywhere in the South End that makes/has delivered fresh pita bread - meaning something other than Joseph's or other supermarket brands?

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  1. Maybe the Syrian Grocery Import Company: Store hours: Tues.-Sat.: 11:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.; 270 Shawmut Ave.; 617.426.1458.

    1. I was wondering this same thing recently - I'm planning to serve a Greek-themed dinner in a few weeks and would love some fresh pita for the table. I had been planning to check the Armenian stores in Watertown, but didn't think to ask here first.

      So - anyone know if those Armenian stores (Sevan, Arax, etc) have fresh pita?

      Heh. Edited to add that I just googled Arax and found an entry on another board that says they do indeed have fresh pita daily. YAY!

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          The store on the corner of Mass Ave and Lake Street in Arlington used to have fresh pita and flat breads delivered daily. Just another place to check if that is closer.

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            My favoirte at Arax comes from Hellenic Bakery in North Providence.

          2. I go to the Lebanese grocery store in Roslindale Village and get pita/Syrian bread. Its called Bob's Pita Bakery. As far as I can tell the pitas are not made there, despite the name. They seem to have fresh stock daily.

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              Within the last month I saw a tv show (I think Chronicle) interviewing the owner of Bob's Pita Bakery.
              He said he was closing up shop because he couldn't afford the super high utility bills.

            2. I think I saw a place called Sophia's Greek Bakery, or something like that. Where the hell was I? Maybe it was Watertown-Newton-ish? Anyway, I was on my from Waltham back home to the city. I am also interested on hearing anything about this place and others, post-Greek vacation last month.

              Edit: Googled it. It is Sophia's Greek Pantry on Trapelo Rd. Right - now my memory is jogged...I was cycling home, but stopping at Belmont Wheelworks first. Decidedly not the South End, though.

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                Sophia's, 267 Belmont St., Belmont 617-489-1371

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                  Sophia's is great - not a bakery though. Sophia is nice and helpful. There are lots of ingredients that are more difficult to find elsewhere (although many are also on Mt. Auburn too). I buy dry and packaged goods there often. She also gives my daughter a chocolate bar every time we're in there . . . maybe it's b/c my kid is the first Chinese-American kid who screams for Greek orzo???

                2. You can also substitute Indian naan for the pita if you can't get to a bakery. Syrian pita and Greek pita as you know are not the same, it's not just a freshness/not fresh issue--they're different recipes. There's a brand of naan that I'm now completely forgetting but you can get it in any Indian market, but it's essentially pita. When I went to the company website I found out it's one recipe packaged differently depending on who they're selling it to. It's a clear plastic package with blue decoration/writing. Very good and good to throw in the freezer for "emergencies". ;-)

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                    That's hilarious. I agree - similar but not the same. Though for my purposes naan would definitely work (serving with my father's grilled lamb / pork kebabs recipe). Thanks Scruffy!

                    1. re: Dea

                      I figured out the name of the brand: it's Kronos-- not exactly an Indian-sounding name! They sell the same thing labelled either naan or pita. FWIW, I make souvlaki a lot and I serve it with Trader Joes naan. Not the right shape, but for everyday dinners, the taste is right on and is very nice and fluffy and it's a great price. Whole Foods also sells a nice naan in their bread department for something like $2.99 for a package of 2.

                      1. re: Scruffy The Cat

                        The Kronos that I have used is pocketless pita. Sophia's sells it frozen, and it keeps well. Works great with kabobs and is quite tasty when very lightly brushed with oil and heated in a hot pan, although if I recall the ingredient list a bit off-putting. When I posted about pocketless pita a while back, someone said that Russo's in Watertown sells a terrific pocketless pita. I haven't checked it out yet.

                        I asked Sophia if there were local pocketless pita bakeries, and she said that there are none in the Boston area. Not sure about regular pita, though.

                        In another thread, macca said that Petrone's in Melrose has pita made in-house.

                        If you find some that you like, please post!

                        1. re: bear

                          Proper Greek pita is pocketless like the Kronos kind-- I've never seen the pocket kind in Greece in my region (Athens & points south).

                          I have had the pita-style bread from Russo's and it's very good, though not exactly pita. The dough is a tiny bit sweeter. It makes very good personal pizza crusts. And if I brush with olive oil, garlic, & oregano I still like it with a souvlaki/kebab.

                          fwiw, last time I was in Greece I filled my suitcase with bags of pita to bring home. I'm only a little embarrassed about that.