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May 15, 2008 10:30 AM

How is Andina?

I recently heard great things about the peruvian restaurant Andina in Portland. Just looking for more feedback. I'm going to be in Portland for only 2 nts and want to choose my dinner spots wisely. Pok Pok is a definite for 1 nt. Other possibilities include Higgins, Cafe Mingo and Jakes Crawfish House. Any thoughts?

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  1. We had an incredible dinner there just over a week ago. Everything on the menu looked tantalizing, everything we tasted was delicious (and gorgeous), and the service was friendly and professional. Don't miss it!

    1. I was just at Andina last night, in the bar area having tapas and cocktails. Had the usual ceviche de pescado, and decided to spring for the causa morada though in the past I've gotten more mainstream tapas items and enjoyed them. My only problem with Andina is that the service in the bar area can be lacking, which is a problem when you've only got a few small plates in front of you and are hungry for more. If you're ordering a full dinner and/or if you're sitting in the main restaurant area, you should be fine.

      Make sure you save room for the Peruvian cookies for dessert.

      I'm a big fan of Caffe Mingo, and I especially like the new space into which they expanded. (There used to a be a stretch of NW 21st that had three Italian restaurants right in a row. The weakest of the three closed down, and Mingo expanded into that space and it's *gorgeous*.)