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May 15, 2008 10:25 AM

Visiting ABQ & Santa Fe this weekend...

Hi Everyone...
My husband (a native to the four corner's area) and I will be traveling to New Mexico to see the family and we wanted to get some insight on some local restaurants. We are sort of foodies and my husband is really really looking forward to some good home cookin but since he hasn't lived in the area in so long, he feels a little lost...Can anyone suggest some of your favorite local dives/restaurants in Albuquerque (near midtown or old towne) or Santa Fe that have really good/authentic food? Anything with a green chili is appetizing to us and authentic mexican food is a must. We will be arriving in Albuquerque on saturday and driving to Santa Fe via the Turquoise Trail (anywhere to stop along the way?). We will be staying in Santa Fe for a couple of days near the plaza, driving to four corners and then heading back down to Albuquerque..(I KNOW...its a lot of driving)..You all were very helpful when we went to Washington, D.C. and we hope you guys can help us again! Thanks!

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  1. In Santa Fe, The Shed and Tomasita's are always good for NM comfort food! Also just off the Plaza is Tia Sophia's where we enjoy breakfast posole. Going up the Turquoise Trail you will go through Madrid, The Mine Shaft is a popular spot but we've never stopped. Always seemed too touristy. We did stop once in Cerillos and found a small diner in an old building but I don't know if it's still there. The town is fun to visit though, old buildings and dirt streets.

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      Thank you..We might stop at the Mine Shaft...but if its too touristy, we might just keep on driving and eat in Santa Fe...thanks!

    2. In Old Town have carne adobada at Duran's Pharmacy. The Range in Bernalillo. 10 people will give you 10 different answers for best in SF, and none will be wrong. I'm still a fan of Pink Adobe. If you need a place to bunk in Farmington try the Silver Adobe Inn and if you are at all a golfer you MUST play Pinon Hills in Farmington.

      Yes, that is a lot of driving. We've done it looping as you did, with Taos thrown in, but we had 11 days and it was still whacky crazy. (I'm a stay and absorb type traveler.)

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        We will be staying with the in-laws, but thanks for the bunking suggestion! The Range sounds good (i just looked it up) that on the way to Santa Fe? We will be in town for 9 days and we have done the drive before, but now we are throwing Santa Fe in the mix and possibly Durango for the day. Thanks!

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          If you have that much time, I would recommend Rancho de Chimayo in the town of Chimayo about 25 miles north of Santa Fe. The restaurant is built around an historic hacienda on property that has been in the owners family for a hundred years. Traditional northern NM foods and a lovely tiered patio. The young woman on the home page was our server.

      2. In Alb. for me I have to always eat at the Frontier... total dive across the street from UNM but its great! Awesome place for breakfast burritos and yummy posole... plus their cinnamon rolls are amazing. In Santa Fe Bobcat Bite is usually a staple- especially for Green Chile Cheeseburgers.