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May 15, 2008 10:20 AM

East Melange/Buffet - Hamden, CT

Just saw that this place is closed, with a For Sale sign in the door. When did they close? The place was always kind of dirty, though the food was good. I always thought it did a pretty good business.

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  1. Been closed for a few months - there wa a sign on the door that it had been closed by the local health department.

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    1. re: Enfielder

      It actually went out of business, health department got involved becaused their power had been turned off. No issues with the food as far as I know.

    2. too bad, though slightly edgy in the cleanliness dept. - they had a good selection of unique items. Any other places in the NH area that may offer similar items (dim sum, chicken feet, funky meatballs etc)?

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      1. re: debvil

        The owners of the East Melange buffet also run a noodle shop on the corner of Howe and Broadway, in New Haven. It is still open for business. Some menu items are similar to the buffet fare, some are not . . . but everything is exceedingly fresh. Which is odd, as I often found the buffet items a little stale.

      2. Originally closed in Sept 2007 for "emergency cleanup" by local Health Department. I don't exactly know what happened after that, but I think they had to shut down, as after everyone heard of this, no one returned to eat there. The local word is that Hometown Buffet is looking to get into that spot ASAP...

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        1. re: MorrisCoveMF

          Wasn't it a Hometown Buffet before it was East?

          1. re: newhavener

            'Pacific Buffet and Grill' is coming here soon-same as the one in Wallingford-decent quality food-not really chinese but great value-grilled steak/chicken/pork/shrimp, Carvery items-turkey,roast beef, etc
            Cold shrimp,sushi,clams,oysters...
            Looking forward to the opening!

            1. re: cannedpoo

              has this new buffet opened yet where East Melange used to be in Hamden?

              1. re: debvil

                I peeked in the windows yesterday while I was in the shopping center and it looked like they had all the chairs delivered, and fixture-equipment set up, so they must be close. My guess is that they'll open in the next 2 weeks.

                1. re: yaletiger

                  thanks for the info - I'm never in the area so I'd be making a dedicated trip to eat there. If you do notice it open please post.

                  again thanks

                  1. re: debvil

                    I called them on 2/5 when my 5-year-old wanted to have his birthday dinner there. We live in Orange so we were hoping to avoid the longer drive to Wallingford. They told me the Hamden location would be open at the end of February. Of course, they told me the end of January a month ago.

        2. if you're looking for a decent place try the one at 117 washington av. in North Haven. It has been on the money lately. snow crab, oysters and clams on the 1/2 shell, shrimp. crawfish, leg of lamb, sushi, and a lot of other stuff. Cheap too! I sort of gave up on the one in Branford near Kohl's because they "throttle" the snow crab legs- only bringing out a few at a time, and leaving the tray empty most of the time.

          The north haven buffet is a better value than pacific grill in my opinion, although I like pacific also.

          they are one plaza past stop and shop same side if you are heading toward wallingford, convnient to 91 and the merrit. 117 washington ave. If someone tries it let know what you think. I love the place. And Asian women.

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          1. re: shoreline

            This North Haven Buffet is a roulette game. I've given up on it because nothing is fresh here. The food sits for hours as they don't have enough traffic.
            The raw clams and oysters are sunken and shriveled, the sushi is equally unappetizing-sitting for hours.
            The hot dishes are constantly being 'played with' staff piling it in the middle to give the impression of freshness-just look at the margings of the chafing dishes-browned bits of dried out sauces, etc.
            They claim to have grilled salmon but if the crowd is small they refuse to cook it saying they are all out.
            I'd say avoid this place.

            1. re: cannedpoo

              I gotta disagree with you to an extent. First off, I,ve eaten there quite a bit lately and have never gotten so much as a belly ache. I eat the oysters, crab legs, lamb (the beef is lame), chichen wings, wonton, fruit, ribs, string beans mostly. It's like 11 bucks, I'm not expecting the world. Plus I think the chick in front is kind of hot.

              I don't eat the clams because I eat those all summer.

              If you think "fancy" restaurants don't have food hanging around in the back you're probably mistaken. I've gotten ill at some upscale places, but never at that joint. As matter of fact, I think I may fast until dinner time then go do battle there.

              I have seen them shuffling the food around, I'll give you that much.

              1. re: shoreline

                Are you talking about Jade City Buffet? thanks

                1. re: allenlh


                  i keep tellin' them they need a website. you punch jade city in a search engine and you get nada.

          2. being the crab joneser that i am i went to jade city AGAIN last night. i decided to give the big ass slab of beef another shot and it was pretty good. your basic lower end roast but it was "good". also. they had frog legs out- and i tried one for the first time. the damn thing was pretty meaty. tasted like a cross between chicken and fish to me- a few desserts, shrimp, lamb, beans.

            the marketing for this place is the absolute worst. type jade city north haven in yahoo and nothing even comes up. sad really, because one could put up a website themselves and pay only like 13 bucks a month for a host on yahoo, godaddy, ect.

            jade city chinese buffet
            117 Washington Ave Ste 4, North Haven, CT 06473