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May 15, 2008 10:20 AM

help grimaldis or settebellos

leavng so cal tommorrow am who is the real deal

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  1. This may be way too late, but...

    It depends on what you are looking for. Both offer completely different styles of pizza.
    One more NY style, the other true Italian neopolitan style.

    I say you do a bit of a pizza tour & have both.

    1. grimaldi's is not to be missed, rivals original in dumbo/brooklyn. don't forget pizzeria bianco downtown either but be prepared to wait 2hrs for a seat.

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      1. re: zack

        Pizzeria Bianco? Downtown? Las Vegas? Where?

        1. re: Friend of Bill

          oops, wrong city. grimaldi's is also in phoenix hence the confusion. actually, the vegas location was a disappointment to me. dough/crust too thick on both of my visits.

        2. re: zack

          I haven't commented on this thread because I haven't been to the Grimaldi's in Las Vegas, but I think Settebello is superior to Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, at least based on one visit.

        3. well i tried grmaldis actually did a mini pizza tour verrazano pizza angelos and marios pbroadway pizza uncle joes pizza Winner verrazano pizza im originally form jersey and ive eaten about nine zillion pizzas in my day it was on s. sping mountain in the corner of a shopping center