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May 15, 2008 10:13 AM

Rome - Restaurants with Patios around Termini

We'll be staying at the St. Regis in Rome in mid-June, and are looking for restaurants in the area (or walking distance) that have outdoor dining. Of course, I don't think I need to mention this as we are on the chowhound site, that the food must be tops! I'll have my 9 month old baby, which is why I was thinking that we would be much less likely to disturb fellow patrons if we were outdoors, but I suppose a casual, boisterous place would work well too! Thanks for any help!!!!!

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  1. Nothing comes to mind, either boisterous or al fresco, but I would suggest you rephrase the question. The Grand Hotel is on the edge of the Termini area, between Piazza della Repubblica and Largo Santa Susanna. Stazione Termini is a bit of a walk, and not such a nice one. You can go out the door of the hotel and turn left toward Termini or right toward via Veneto, via Barberini, and a generally more pleasant area.

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      If you are very near Via Veneto, try Vladimiro-Marcello on Via Aurora 2 streets in from Veneto between Ludovisi and Lombardo. They have a outdoor terrace on the sidewalk or you can eat inside. I've posted on this place many times and those who have gone there to eat respond that they thought it a great value for price, quantity of food, and quality. Best meal is a house special of antipasti (6 or so plates of lentils,ricotta, peppers, grilled onions, etc. from which you serve yourself all you care to have), followed by a platter of 3 different pasta shapes each in a different sauce, and the seconod is a chunk of roasted veal with potatoes and greens ( you could probably substitute beefo or other meat if you don't like veal). House wines are offered in 1/2 and full liters and are quite drinkable.,

    2. Hi-
      I'm going to be in Rome with our one year old in April and found your question in a search on finding appropriate places to eat with her. Did you find anything that worked well? We are considering the St. Regis as well so I would love to hear your opinion.