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May 15, 2008 08:49 AM

Pizza in Chicago for Rehearsal Dinner

I am looking for an informal pizza place for about 30 - 40 people

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  1. Where in the city or suburbs?

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    1. re: lbs

      city, most out of towners are staying down town

    2. My sister and brother in law did a very nice rehersal dinner at Lou Malinati's in Bloomindale. Not sure how large their other locations are but this one was very comfortable for 30. Good food and service.

      1. Piece on North Avenue in Bucktown/Wicker Park (New Haven style pizza)

        Crust on Division (organic pizza); a nicer place than the chain pizzerias, but still informal. Crust has outdoor space as well.

        If you want very informal (bar atmosphere, but also very good pizza), try Pequod's on Clybourn.

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        1. re: JJ.

          is piece loud or do they have private areas?

          1. re: papermomo

            It can get pretty loud I believe. They may have a few private areas, but I don't know if they are big enough to accomodate your group, and whether they would be any quieter. Best bet is to probably give them a call.

        2. Pizano's Pizza is very good!