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May 15, 2008 08:47 AM

Burrito SFV?

Doesn't have to be traditional. I was even drooling over the Whole Foods Burritos from Sherman Oaks WF. I just want a really big burrito this weekend. Normally, I'd fix my craving with my special all baked bean burrito at Boneyard Bistro, but I want to try other sutff.

The bigger the better, tasty is important, too. I want a burrito that could choke a cow (with size, not bad flavor)

If possible, I would like to avoid beef, as my stomach just can't handle it.

I've had Chevy's, Boneyard Bistro, Senor Fish, Sabor A Mexico (the veggie one, there), Follow Your HEart, recently. I know not all of these are in the SFV, I'm just giving an example of burritos I've loved.

Are the WF ones good? any good cow chokers out there?

or, should I just get the stuff and make my own scallop burrito or something at home?

I live right niear Pica Pico Rico (whatever the spelling) Are those good?

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  1. The classic landmark massive LA burrito is unfortunately in ELA at El Tepeyac. Manuel's Special...can feed 3 or 4 people easily. The regular Manuel's special is made with pork, but you can have chicken.

    El Tepeyac Cafe
    812 N Evergreen Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
    (323) 267-8668

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    1. re: monku

      Nowhere near the SFV, really. :(

      1. re: Diana

        No, but it definately is a "cow choker" as you requested :)
        :O mooooo- cough, cough- oooooo!

        1. re: BCM

          :)! Gosh, maybe it's worth a trip!

    2. I know you already have been, but Las Fuentes in Reseda has great, big burritos. I know you said no beef, but my favorite is the Burrito de bistek encebollado which absolutely rocks my world!

      1. I second Las Fuentes, and also recommend Dos Arbolitos in Van Nuys. Great food -- you can get a super huge burrito for about $5.

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        1. re: boogiebaby

          Where is this Dos Arbolitos? I live in Sherman Oaks, and need another option besides Baja Yuk or La Fogata.

          We even tried Las Fuentes recently, but I wasn't impressed with the chicken burrito I ordered. It was swimming in a watery "sauce" plus the chicken was stewed/shredded and not a good texture. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, but I don't eat beef. Perhaps I should treat myself and try (pork) carnitas?

        2. My recs would be:

          Las Fuentes (or Melody's around the corner on Reseda, same owners)

          Carrillo's (Sherman Way just west of Corbin)

          Dos Arbolitos (Nordhoff & Woodley)

          I don't eat burritos myself (more of a taco fan) but these places are all great.

          1. Tony's on the corner of Magnolia and Coldwater does a reliable one. Fairly good sized, clean and fresh. Nothing that will blow you out of the water but beats a trek to the eastside. The hot salsa is very good as well as all of the fish dishes.