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May 15, 2008 08:27 AM

Wedding Caterer SCV?

Hello Everyone,

Looking for a caterer for our wedding next year. I'm hoping to have as much knowledge as I can before it's actually time to order everything.

Now I know there are very few fans of the SCV....but I live here and most likely the reception will be here as I only assume that it would be easier for both parties to be close to one another..but I could be wrong...This is my first time dealing with a caterer and I could use all the help I can get.

Anyways...does anyone know of a caterer who works well on a budget, great food, possiblty wine (anyone use All Corked Up). Just hor' d'oeuvres.. We're very casual but quality is a must...better half is a huge foodie....

Does Max in Sherman Oaks cater? (we'll ask andre next time we stop by)

Since we refer to the hounders for most of our restaurant are my first plan of action....thanks and we really appreciated any references.

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  1. My company has ordered food from a catering company by the name of Four Corners Catering. We have used them quite a few times for lunch meetings and our Christmas party. What we love about them is that they have 4 different menus: Lebanese, Mexican-Oaxacan, Japanese, and American...but I know that they have done events where they catered Brazilian food as well. They are willing to work with you on creating a customized menu for your event as well as work with you on a budget. They are very professional...which made every event very pleasant.

    Their website is are no menus there, just the contact info. Their # is: (213) 905-9125. You should definitely check them out...I'm sure they would do a tasting for you...they did for us!!

    Good luck, and congratulations!

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      Four Corners...that sounds great...Thanks I really appreciate the help :)