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May 15, 2008 08:17 AM

Truckee Sourdough Co: excellent breads!

Stayed overnight in Grass Valley with the chowhound inlaws and were treated to some excellent bread from the Truckee Bakery.

We had sliced country bread and sourdough. We bought some kalamata focaccia and sliced country bread to bring home. They also do focaccia rolls, flavored focaccia, and much more. Delivered fresh daily up and down the I-80 corridor. We got ours at the Grass Valley Grocery Outlet (which has to be the GO crown jewel).

This is the real deal. All breads had a wonderful moist crumb, not too open, great for sandwiches or toast. Nice rough& chewy but not dry crust. and the sourdough is a natural sourdough. A nice tang but not overwheming. Our local (well, now it's been sold to Earthgrains) San Luis Sourdough is so sour it overshadows anything you put on it)

If I lived anywhere near one of their outlets, I'd be in big trouble.


Go to almost any foothill/Tahoe area grocery store and get some next time you're there!

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