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May 15, 2008 08:16 AM

Question about Cava in Rockville

I'm really eager to try Cava, and we went there a few weeks ago on a weeknight and it was completely packed with a long wait so we had to settle for a nearby sushi joint. My question is: how early would we have to get there on a Saturday to not have to wait? I know they open at 5; if we went at 6 would we normally be able to get seated right away or do we have to go right at 5? I hate waiting, and would much rather have to eat earlier than wait.

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    1. On a weekend, unless you are there by 5:00pm, you are likely to have to wait!

      By the way, if the suchi joint you went to nearby was Suchi Oishii, you certainly didn't have a bad time of it. I love that place!

      1. Can you get there for lunch time? We go for lunch on weekdays and no crowds at all.

        1. Definitely pretty early. Get the shrimp OPA OPA!

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