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May 15, 2008 08:09 AM

ISO: Maple butter

Anyone know where I can find maple butter? I live in Richmond Hill, but I would be willing to travel and stock up if necessary! Thanks!

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  1. Horton's Sugar Bush and Tree Farm in Vandorf (not far from you) sells maple spread but only when the sugar bush is open (mid-March to mid-April), In the meantime you might want to try Smokey Kettle Maple Company in Grimsby and find out who retails their maple spread. It's delicious.

    1. Check touristy spots -- they usually have an abundance of maple products (sorry, I can't think of an example other than the airport offhand).

      1. Canada's largest maple syrup festival is in Elmira, which is near K-W. Unfortunately, you missed this year's already... it was in the beginning of April :( I think if you go to the farmer's markets in K-W, you'll be able to find maple butter. If I was still living in the area, I'd check it out for you, but i'm almost 100% sure you'd be able to find it!

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          Funny enough... I was at the market this afternoon and overheard some people taking about it. You can in fact get it at the St. Jacobs Market.

          it's fairly far but the best maple butter i've had

          1. There were some folks selling maple products at the Liberty Farmer's Market last year. I know they have maple butter - I bought some from them. Not sure if they'll be back this year, but the Liberty market starts in a couple of weeks.