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May 15, 2008 08:09 AM

ISO: Maple butter

Anyone know where I can find maple butter? I live in Richmond Hill, but I would be willing to travel and stock up if necessary! Thanks!

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  1. Horton's Sugar Bush and Tree Farm in Vandorf (not far from you) sells maple spread but only when the sugar bush is open (mid-March to mid-April), In the meantime you might want to try Smokey Kettle Maple Company in Grimsby and find out who retails their maple spread. It's delicious.

    1. Check touristy spots -- they usually have an abundance of maple products (sorry, I can't think of an example other than the airport offhand).

      1. Canada's largest maple syrup festival is in Elmira, which is near K-W. Unfortunately, you missed this year's already... it was in the beginning of April :( I think if you go to the farmer's markets in K-W, you'll be able to find maple butter. If I was still living in the area, I'd check it out for you, but i'm almost 100% sure you'd be able to find it!

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          Funny enough... I was at the market this afternoon and overheard some people taking about it. You can in fact get it at the St. Jacobs Market.

        2. http://www.rideau-info.com/gibbons/
          it's fairly far but the best maple butter i've had

          1. There were some folks selling maple products at the Liberty Farmer's Market last year. I know they have maple butter - I bought some from them. Not sure if they'll be back this year, but the Liberty market starts in a couple of weeks.