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May 15, 2008 07:48 AM

Old Ebbitt Grill Happy Hour?

I'm planning to meet two friends after work next week for the Old Ebbit Grill's happy hour. We're mainly interested in the half price raw bar. I know it's usually a very crowded place. Will it be hard to find three seats at the bar, around 4:00 on a week day?

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  1. You'll be able to get seats at 4pm, just make sure you get there before 5. The only day it might be dicey getting seats that early is a Friday, but even so at 4pm there's a good chance you will.

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    1. What are their food/drink specials? Hours?

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      1. re: Jacey

        half price oysters. thats it. no other food, no drinks

        1. re: aletnes

          I thought all of their raw bar menu items were half price.

          1. re: 4X4

            At Old Ebbitt its all the raw bar items except lobster, which is 15.95.

          2. re: aletnes

            Sorry you are wrong Altenes. They have what is called afternoon delight it is on their national website under the What's Happening, I will google it, and it is also ALL raw bar specials. I think sometimes they also have half price wine. Hold on, we do happy hour a lot at Mark Center Clyde's which is very simillar in happy hour terms.
            That tells you about raw bar, their afternoon delight tab isn't working, I know they have burgers, crab/artichoke dip, shrimp cocktail, and some other stuff, hope that helps, I believe it is at all Clydes Restaurant Group locations you could always call to confirm.

            1. re: ktmoomau

              A friend and I indulged in the Orca platter at Ebbitt's promptly at the beginning of Happy Hour, 3 p.m. We enjoyed it a lot, especially the large and succulent shrimp and the sweet, easily-accessible lobster. The crab claws seemed not quite thawed, and it would have been useful to have a nutcracker to get the last hunks of meat out of them. The clams were littlenecks, very tasty, and predictably little. There were six varieties of oysters available. I asked for four each of the Katama Bay (from Martha's Vineyarrd), Rappahonnick River (VA) and Wianno (West Bay MA). They were all good-sized and suitably briny with plenty of liquid.

              Parking is a problem down there, but we lucked into a spot a block away.

              The Orca platter is the best plateau de fruits de mer (shellfish platter) I have had in this area (I haven't tried Kinkead's yet). That includes Oceanaire and Sea Catch. It is a real bargain, irrespective of the Happy Hour rakeoff. And the quality, with the possible exception of the crab claws, is very high. To my surprise, a bloody mary was only $5, but I'm not sure if that's part of the HH bargain.

              Previous postings here to the contrary, the Ebbitt's happy hour is more inclusive than that of other Clyde's restaurants. The Orca Platter, not offered elsewhere, is normally $95. It goes for half price, and if there are two of you, you pay half of that. In my view, the quality of everything except the crab claws was high. I don't know of a better deal for those who dote on shellfish.l

              We had no problem getting a booth at 3 p.m.