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May 15, 2008 07:47 AM

ESPNU in Baltimore

Does anyone know any bars that have ESPNU and decent food where I can watch the NCAA lacrosse tournament this weekend? I'll be in Annapolis for the Saturday games, but I need something for Sunday.

I live in Hampden and my dad lives in Catonsville, but we can travel for decent TVs and decent food.

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  1. Since you're in Hampden, try Rocky Run on St. Paul St. Given its proximity to JHU and a bunch of TVs, I imagine they'll have the tournament on. Call ahead at 410-235-2501 to double-check.

    MaGerk's in Federal Hill is sure to have the tournament on and they have quite a few TVs. Slainte in Fell's Point has some TVs and would likely already have it on or put it on givena request.

    Also, don't forget your basic sports bars around town - City Limits on Fort Ave.:

    1. I would bet my mortgage payment that you can watch those games at the ESPN GRILL at the Harbor !

      1. I would also bet the any of the GREEN TURTLE locations will be tuned in!!

        1. green turtle, espn zone, and prolly magerks

          1. If Kolper's is still open, that's probably the closest possibility.