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May 15, 2008 07:47 AM

Longview Steak House

I've heard a few rave reviews from friends; have any Western Canada hounds gone? any opinions?

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  1. Pretty good but a long way out.


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      Just pretty good? We are in the area quite a bit in the summer because we hike. If we're driving out though, from Calgary, it has to be really good ;o)

      1. re: sweeterpea

        When it comes to steak, pretty good is...pretty good for me :) In my opinion, there's no place in town that qualifies as "really good" for steak.

        It would qualify in the top 3 in the Calgary area for me. If it were in town, at the same price point, i would visit a heck of a lot more. But it is a long way to drive.

      2. If you are anywhere near the Longview area, I would strongly recommend you give the Longview Steak House a try! It has long been one of our favorite restaurants and we have never had less than terrific food and service. They do steaks, of course, but in all honesty, we've talked about it before and can only conclude that they chose the name to attract the ranch and farming families that populate the area, because they are so much more than just steak. We have had beautifully done seafood, chicken, pork, duck, lamb, etc as well as beef, and we have never once left the premises without being glad to have chosen to make the drive once again. Anytime we have out of town company, it is our choice of restaurant to take them to, and everyone we've ever taken there has also enjoyed their meal immensely. I'm not saying they're the greatest ever, but add in the scenic drive, the cozy/quaint atmosphere, the friendly personal service from the staff, the quality of the food, and the low price that invariable accompanies, it's right up there for us. If I could make one recommendation, they have a daily specials board (usually four different dishes each day) and we have found that anything ordered from the board will end up being that day's freshest ingredients and seems to be prepared with a little extra attention or flair because it's not their everyday menu and they really want their specials to be "special". We've tried lots of specials on lots of occasions and have never been disappointed in the choice. I really do hope you enjoy it as much as we always do.

        1. I have nothing but praise for the Longview Steakhouse. It is now operated by the sons of the founder (formerly of the Chateaubriand). It is a gem of a place located in the middle of cattle country. A little ethnic and a little country. A great recipe for success. Make sure you have reservations. It is very popular with the locals, day-trippers from Calgary and K-Country hikers.

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            1. Where is this place?? LOL

              When I search google, some reviews say Longview, while others say High River?? Those are two different places. The reviews look good!

              Pssst Happy early birthday donoway. :)

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                It's in the tiiiiiiny little hamlet of Longview, about 1/2 hour from High River on the Coal Trail.