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May 15, 2008 07:46 AM

Fresh & Easy Markets in California--like 'em?

Do you shop there? What do you think? What do you know about their products?

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  1. there are some planned to open up here in Sacto. but I don't think they have yet. There's been multiple articles about them in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. I think they're based out of London and are trying to go the inexpensive, deli route and be more urban accessible.

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    1. re: lilyalli

      i had heard (don't remember where) that the plans for the ones in the Sacto. area had come to a grinding halt. Has anyone else heard that?

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        I personally like them. Their meat and fish have always been top quality and packaged, unlike Costco, with just enough for my wife and myself to make a nice meal. Their ravioli is damned good. Ditto for their goat yoghurt. Prices I have found always to be fair and somewhat lower than say Ralphs or Albertsons. Checkout is a smooth quick operation. Employees are helpful. The point of the packaging is to make sure items are fresh, yes, and sold on or before the date of expiration. The vegetables seem to be a little pricey but all in all the stores are wonderful especially for the meats and doubly so for the fish. Very good fresh sweet tasting fish. So what if the stores are kind of plain, when the food is the reason you're there.

      2. I love them, but then I'm english! I go there for the british style bacon, but the bakery stuff is all very good, and the cheese selection is really nice. They have so many tempting desserts! Its run by supermarket giant Tesco from the UK.

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          By "British style bacon", do you mean gammon? I remember getting that in Scotland, and haven't seen it here.

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            Tesco USA doesn't sell "British style" foods or items. Instead they try to sell what local people already buy. I was a bit put off by this since I was hoping to find real Mars bars, some frozen Cornish Pasties, and some real English farmhouse cheddar.

            On the upside their prepared foods aren't bad and they're way cheaper then whole foods but I can still think of several ethnic take out places in the same price range who offer better food.

            1. re: oerdin

              F&E sells a bacon that has the label "British brand bacon" using that upper case and lower case lettering.

              I believe jennywenny merely typed it incorrectly and menuinprogress followed that wording.

              1. re: Cathy

                I ate this for breakfast this morning. It is uncured back bacon. It looks like streaky bacon with a piece of canadian bacon attached to it. Very tasty!

                1. re: Divamac

                  Oh yeah...seems to not be cut uniformly, so you get some pieces crispier than others...I absolutely do not mind paying $6 for a pound of that bacon.

        2. They're alright. I was actually hoping they'd have stuff that they would sell in an actual Tesco though.

          1. I love them. In my experience, the store brands are really good, and the prices are reasonable. And the deserts are awesome!

            1. I like them a lot for certain things - humboldt fog and other gourmet cheeses, spanish chorizo and deli meats, seafood, organic dairy and eggs, fresh pasta and sauces, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and lemonade, prepared sandwiches and salads, ice creams, inexpensive wines (they have two good cheap roses) and chocolate. I occasionally buy the veggies but I'm not crazy about all the packaging, and they're not nearly as fresh as the farmer's market goods I'm hooked on.

              They just revamped their prepared foods and added cold cooked chicken breasts and cold fried chicken - the Indian stuff is ok but the calories are sky high. They've been giving out a lot of $5. off coupons if you spend over $20. I've only been once that I wasn't able to use one, so ask if you don't already have one!