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I ate the entire pizza, and I bet you have too (ladies included)

I'm sorry, I just can't help it!!!! So, I throw a standard frozen 12 inch pizza in the oven for 16 minutes- while it's cooking, I flip the box over and start looking at the nutritional information. Ok, 6 servings- each serving is about 370 Calories, 30% saturated fat, never mind the cholesterol and sodium....The 16 minutes is over...I remove a nicely browned sausage pizza from the oven, let it cool for 8 seconds before ripping into it....now if I followed our nutritional guidelines, I should just stick to that one slice...but that first slice is inhaled while still cutting the rest of the pie into the remaining 5 servings....look, I'm an average Joe weight-wise, but one slice does not suffice....and in about 15 minutes it's all gone....this is like Supersize me in one meal!! and sometimes I still have a little room for ice cream...

OK then, am I the only glutton out there? feel free to fess up !!!!

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  1. I buy froz. pizzas that use the 1/3 the pie serving size.

    I would try to eat only 1/3 and wrap 2/3 up for lunch and snack next day. I'd usually end up eating 2/3 that night and only have 1/3 left over.

    I switched to Tombstone Light pizza. It's amazingly delicious, with a REALLY spicy sauce and lots of good veggies. No meat though. But it cuts the guilt in about half, i.e. 230 cals per 1/3 as opposed to 400 cals per 1/3....

    but yes, I HAVE been guilty of eating a whole dang pizza on occasion...

    1. i think occasional overindulgence is definitely good for your soul. :)

      i'm not at all a believer in regularly scheduled mealtimes or meal portions. i think if you listen to your body and eat (or not eat) when you want and what you want, and also move your body when it feels like moving, it all evens out in the end.

      so... while pizza doesn't do it for me, i've definitely eaten a whole box of those trader joe's chicken mini tacos in one sitting, which i'm sure are just as bad! also party platters of maki rolls meant for 10 people, pints of ben & jerry's, two lbs of grapes (to not-so-great effect), etc...

      1. Oh, hell yeah. That's why I never read the nutritional info on stuff like that. Those serving sizes are pure fantasy.

        But that's only a once-in-a-while thing. And a very great while, to boot. I make up for it MOST other days by eating reasonable portions of much healthier food (lots of fresh veggies, fish and lean meat).

        1. oh, has sooo happened to me! this is why I only make Kashi frozen 'za when DH is home to scarf down his half! lol. those are way to yummy. :)

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          1. re: jujuthomas

            I ALWAYS eat the entire pizza, I buy it just for me...

            1. re: Sean

              Amen brother! Nothing like coming home from a night on the town and throwing a Tombstone in the oven and chowing down. I'm just wondering why it takes the OP 15 minutes to eat it. I cut the thing into 8 tiny slices and that's about 3 bites a slice. Sometimes I even breathe between bites, haha

          2. i've eaten the entirety of those $5 pizzas from little caesar's. and, like you o.p., i believe i had room for some ice cream.

            i'm glad i'm a runner.

            1. I pretty much eat until it's gone. Doesn't matter if I'm alone (whole pizza) with a friend (half a pizza to 5 slices) or with more people (just 3 or 4 slices). It's kinda disturbing; I don't think I recognize when I'm full.

              1. Why would you read the package serving size to upset the apple cart? Jfood's definition of a single serving is what he eats in one sitting. If the manufacturer has a different definition, jfood wishes it would keep it to themselves. And at 52 he is 5 pounds within his college fighting weight.

                The other point that is disturbing in your post is your ability to eat a pie from the oven in 8 seconds. It is rare that jfood can do that feat in under 5 minutes. In fact he has grown to set the timer for 5 minutes when he takes the pie out of the oven and go back to the tube.

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                1. re: jfood

                  *laugh* good points, both (although not everyone is lucky enough to have your metabolism).

                  still, OP, if you're going to indulge, at least do it right: no looking at the nutritional info ... at least not until long after you're done eating!

                  1. re: jfood

                    "Jfood's definition of a single serving is what he eats in one sitting. If the manufacturer has a different definition, jfood wishes it would keep it to themselves."

                    Ah, the voice of common sense. LOL! I'm a *cough* couple of lbs over my college weight, but I really enjoy this point of view. And totally agree with it.

                    1. re: jfood

                      jfood.........nice point. i define a serving size based on my hunger and have never had a weight issue. just wish you wouldn't refer to yourself in the 3rd person. its very distracting.

                      1. re: rayrayray

                        I kinda think that jfood's 3rd person is rather amusing, as so is rayrayray. Isn't one ray enough or is that your version of 3rd person, just having a little fun.

                    2. i really wonder what they base a serving on.no one i've ever known eats that little.and no,we're not all 400 lbs each. :-)

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                        The serving size is determined by the FDA. If you're interested: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts...

                      2. eat a whole frozen pizza at one sitting.? No cant say I have ever done this, I can hardly choke down a piece or two of frozen pizza before giving up.

                        Now a freshly delivered piping hot pizza from the local pizza joint, that is a different story. Perhaps I am just lucky to have lived in Chicago, or the Chicago area my whole life, that makes frozen pizza more work(and definately worse tasting) than picking up the phone and getting a quality pie in 30 mins.

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                          The Chicago pizza you ordered, was it deep dish? Anyone who could eat an entire deep dish pizza in one sitting has my reverence. I think I'd slip into a carb induced coma about halfway through, haha.

                          1. re: ArikaDawn

                            no, I am like alot of Chicagoans(south side) who dislike deep dish, and really consider deep dish pizza a tourist dish. No offense to anyone.

                            Chicago pizza to me is: thin crust, cheese, mushroom, and sausage.

                            1. re: swsidejim

                              That's so interesting. I've not spent much time in Chicago myself, but on a show I watched featuring "Chicago Food" deep dish pizza was highlighted. I guess it's a lot like when my hometown was featured for brain sandwiches. No one I know really eats those on a regular basis. It's sort of a gimmick.

                              1. re: ArikaDawn

                                very similar. Although I do know a few locals who do like it, the people & families I grew up around, were, and are thin crust devotees. Perhaps it is a North Side vs South Side thing, or something else, I am not sure.

                            2. re: ArikaDawn

                              When I was much (much) younger and with a metabolism to match, I could easily polish an entire Uno's deep dish pizza in one sitting. Not any more...

                            3. re: swsidejim

                              I used to eat frozen pizzas (after cooking) entirely, but now like you I reserve that for the fresh ones from the local pizzerias. I am also lucky to live in a neighbourhood with a large Italian influence and some very nice places to get a good pie for not too much $$$.

                              1. re: Pincus

                                yeah, i generally eat pizza out these days, mostly because i think eating pizza frequently enough for dinner that you have to keep a lot of frozen pizza handy is grossly unhealthy.

                                that said, i don't conflate my own lack of frozen pizza consumption with some sort of lack of deliciousness on their part. on the contrary, i think frozen pizza is generally pretty good, if you know which to buy. in other words, if i ordered a personal pizza in a restaurant and they brought me something that was very much like a totino's party pizza with cube pepperoni, i wouldn't be dissatisfied.

                            4. I used to binge eat on CiCi's pizza (really, really bad tasting buffet style pizza). I'd wash it all down with countless glasses of Dr. Pepper and some syrupy sweet dessert pizzas. I never ever liked the food their, I just liked the unrestricted gluttony. I did the same thing at my first job: I would buy the Little Caesar's $5 pizza and eat the whole thing. I'd make sure I ate fast so I wouldn't get full. I don't even like Little Caesar's pizza....! So yes....you're wager is right on.

                              To this day, I don't understand that phase of my life, but I'm glad it's behind me.

                              1. I can't say that I've ever eaten an entire pizza alone. Pizza, I like it, but not enough to waste a binge on. Ice cream on the other hand... lets just say there have been a couple of times when an entire quart has disappeared in less than a day. Scary what what a sweet tooth is capable of driving a person to do...

                                1. There is indeed some mysterious quality about pizza that makes it possible to consume almost endless quantities in one evening (though at 15 minutes you have me beat). I too have a nearby pizza delivery place that is really good, so it's been a very long time since I've had a frozen pizza. But that delivery pizza sits on the counter smelling good after I've eaten plenty, and then I think I'll just have another half a piece, and then it would be silly to put just half a piece away so I eat that, and so forth until it's all gone. It's not you, I tell you, it's the pizza itself!

                                  1. I've definitely done it, but (no offense) I wouldn't waste a binge (to agree with ArikaDawn) on frozen stuff. I used to live down the street from the great Pizzeria Regina in Boston's North End, and would occasionally polish off an entire St. Anthony's (white pie with 2 kinds of sausage) all by myself. It was that damn garlic oil they drizzled on top I couldn't get enough of...I should've just said to hell with it and drunk the stuff straight...

                                    1. I don't eat frozen pizza, but when it comes to a really good fresh one, I can just eat until it's gone.

                                      1. i love those little totino's party pizzas with cube pepperoni. it reminds me of the pizza they served in the cafeteria in high school. truly when i eat an entire one of these i have achieved party status.

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                                        1. re: beelzebozo

                                          Me too! Definitely a guilty pleasure. In the old days they used to give you a little plastic pack of "herbs" to sprinkle over the party pizza before cooking it.

                                          And surely the pizza is truly not meant to feed an entire "party". They are so tiny! 2 people max!

                                          1. re: TwoPointers

                                            i've heard legends that you can buy econopacks of 96 slices of school pizza for $40 from some food distributors.

                                            it's. . . it's like some beautiful dream

                                          2. re: beelzebozo

                                            I LOVE Totino's Crispy Party Pizza (10 for $10) in the pepperoni flavor. Yes, I'm enthusiastic but I get so much teasing about my love for this pizza. I eat the whole thing- but they are small and don't actually have crust on the ends which is why I like them.

                                          3. I have eaten many an entire frozen pizza and always more than the designated serving size and unfortunately I've been known to eat an entire large pizza from the local pizzaria as well. I

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                                            1. re: Janet from Richmond

                                              fresh or frozen, I can easily eat a whole pizza.

                                              1. re: Janet from Richmond

                                                That's impressive. Even in my teens I could only get to the 7th slice. I'm always good for 3-4 when I get pizza delivered.

                                              2. because it is germane to the discussion of frozen pizzas and pizzas in general, aol did a very interesting frozen pizza taste test. check it out!


                                                1. I am not physically capable of eating an entire 12" pizza, but I wish I was! I LOVE pizza and every.single.time we make it at home I simply cannot wait for it to cool and burn the roof of my mouth. My dentist says I have a scar from doing this.

                                                  1. I do sometimes eat a whole frozen pizza. I have an embarassing weakness for Celeste pizza for one - pepperoni flavor. With the little cubes of pepperoni. But I add a ton of real sliced pepperoni and shredded mozzarella before cooking. Yum.

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                                                      <3 cube pepperoni. no place to hide the flavor on those little cubes.

                                                    2. After months of healthy eating, I had a bottle of wine and 3/4 of Costco's 18" combo pizza last week. Months of work undone, though I certainly justified it at that time with being 5'6" and 125lbs. Slippery slope, that first bite.

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                                                      1. re: link_930

                                                        Come on now, months of hard work weren't undone! Maybe 2 days.

                                                        1. re: link_930

                                                          You should have had two bottles of wine therefore eliminating any memory of your transgression.

                                                          1. re: ArikaDawn

                                                            lol...thanks Dawn. I like your thinking.

                                                        2. So... you are saying.... there are people who DON'T eat the whole pizza by themselves?

                                                          1. Believe there is a Yogi'ism(Berra) something like

                                                            "...ya better cut that pizza in six slices I don't know if I can eat eight slices tonight"...

                                                            1. My mom ate a medium pepperoni from Pizza Hut every day for the last three months of her pregnancy with my little sister. That thin crust is addictive!

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                                                              1. re: Oh Robin

                                                                I am incapable of eating only part of a pizza unless I am with my husband and we split a pie. Even then we both tend to eat fast, hoping to get at least our fair share. I had to solve the problem by getting only "slices" at the pizzaria and never buying frozen pies, which usually taste like the cardboard they come in. The food companies use unrealistic portion sizes in calculating calories in hopes that we will not read the label carefully and realize how fattening and bad for you their product is.

                                                                1. re: lattelover

                                                                  The food companies don't set portion size. They are determined by the USDA/FDA (depending on whether the product has meat or not)

                                                              2. Everything in moderation ... including moderation. :-)

                                                                1. Totinos pizza with the little spice packets.........................oh to have one of those again! Me and my brothers used to eat those all the time growing up in the seventies............ why do these companies ALWAYS discontinue good things.....................sigh......................

                                                                  1. I wish, but my stomach just won't stretch that much. Plus I'm usually thirsty from the salt by the second slice.

                                                                    That said, I've been known to give myself watermelon indigestion.

                                                                    1. I've ate the whole pizza, I've ate the whole pint of ice cream, I ate the whole cake, and it very well may have been in one sitting.

                                                                      1. If you look at my avatar picture it is from a trattoria in Munich, Germany. When I ordered the pizza they brought it to me uncut (as the way it should be served) with a fork and knife, and they never did say that it was more than one serving.

                                                                        If they didn't want me to eat the whole thing they shouldn't have made it so big, and so GOOD !!! Not to mention the 1/2 litre Weissbier, which "of course" was a single serving also. The way I see it is "Eat healthy, Die anyways"

                                                                        1. I'm a big eater but like some others have said, pizza seems to have some weird quality about it that allows people to eats lots of it. Most days my out eats me when we have pizza! It's one of her favorite foods and she puts it away like I can't believe.

                                                                          1. I'm not a big eater at all. If I order delivery or eat pizza out, I can only squeeze in a slice or two. Frozen? It just disappears! The only whole one I've eaten frozen though was the thin and crispy CPK with black olives and eggplant. Delish!

                                                                            1. Yup. Just ate a Tombstone Pepperoni pizza (not the light edition either) last night. I used to eat a lot of whole Tombstones when I was single. I'm definitely wishing I had shared it, as I don't feel like eating anymore. I'll have to try the light edition.

                                                                              1. This is a question about nutritional information serving sizes.

                                                                                I always thought that the serving size was just a standard by which to measure the number of grams of each category. I never took it to literally mean "This pizza can feed 6 people". It's possible to have more than one "serving" of something. Like for example, you should have 5 servings of fruit a day. So you can really use the serving measurement to fulfill daily quotas, not what should be eaten in one sitting.

                                                                                Now to address the pizza topic...there's no way I'd be satisfied with one silce of a 12-inch pizza and I'm a female. I'd probably half at the very least.

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                                                                                1. re: Chew on That

                                                                                  Excellent point. I had a friend once who strictly adhered to the serving sizes listed on packages--which is fine, until you have to plan a taco dinner for a college organization. According to the the package of taco shells 1 pound of ground beef would make 10 servings so she bought 4 lbs of beef for an expected group of 40 people. Even though most people got little to nothing to eat, my friend still could not comprehend how there wasn't enough food. She's now a brilliant scientist, she was just crazy about nutrition and believed that everyone should strictly follow portion suggestions.

                                                                                  As for me and pizza, I can certainly wolf down a whole frozen pizza in a single sitting. The thin crust pizzas are particularly dangerous because they have 3 servings at approx 290-330 cals each so I quickly justify to myself I can eat the whole thing without too much guilt.

                                                                                2. Last year I ate an entire Papa John's medium thin crust cheese pizza. The kind with the cracker thin crust. They cut it into little square-shaped pieces, which makes it easy to eat a lot of the pizza because you think the pieces you're eating are small but before you know it the pizza's gone.

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                                                                                  1. re: fallingup

                                                                                    And why is it that cutting it into little squares makes it taste better?? I do it and pretend it cuts calories.....and I'm with MrsT on eating entire containers of ice cream, etc. Don't get me started on frozen cheesecake binges!

                                                                                  2. I've never heard this one topped. Worked with a woman (in her late 30s at the time), a divorced mother of two children, around 9 and 12 years of age. She voluntarily told a group of co-workers that, on a first date, she would suggest going out for pizza. She and her date would order a pizza and she would say, "Oh, could we get one for my kids?" Whereupon the date, not wanting to look like a piker, would spring for an extra pizza. A large extra pizza.

                                                                                    When the date was over, and she would get dropped off, she would take her extra pizza into the kitchen, sit down and proceed to polish off the second one by herself that night before she went to bed.

                                                                                    1. My girls love Trader Joe's frozen pizza (the organic, 3-cheese imported ones), and the 14-year-old will make short work of an entire pie when she's hungry. That's 810 calories; considering her typical daily intake of 2500-3000, it just isn't that big a deal.

                                                                                      The listed serving size is 1/3 of the pizza, or 270 calories. Except for somebody who's severely limiting caloric intake, that really isn't much of a meal. So I definitely agree with other posters that "serving size" is just a way to track the nutritional content of the food you're eating if you choose to do so. A dinner of 3 "servings" of pizza and 3 "servings" of salad greens comes in under 900 calories--a big meal, but not a serious pig-out, and reasonably healthy. (At least until you start drenching the salad in ranch dressing--a "serving" of which has double the fat calories of a "serving" of pizza.)

                                                                                      1. Pauli- you gotta throw the box away!!! I'm down with reading the cereal box while I chew, but who in their right mind would read the stinkin pizza box? That's as bad as reading the carton of Ben & Jerry's -you'll be KNOWINGLY shoveling down fattysoupspoonfuls in rapid succession, instead of merely pretending ignorance.

                                                                                        A few years ago I could eat the entire pizza (or equivelent), plus garlic knots, antipast, and drink a bottle of wine.

                                                                                        1. I once ate a whole (frozen) pie BEFORE going to a spaghetti dinner at a friend's house, so I wouldn't look like such a pig when I got there. Course that's when I was running about 40 miles a week, which I don't do anymore....

                                                                                          1. I'm sixteen...I have more than once. And I'm a girl...I'll eat entire ice cream cartons, oreo boxes, etc by myself and will still be hungry. Right now I swear there's a gravitational pull on my body to the fridge...

                                                                                            1. Last weekend - Ravens game, on call all weekend, insane hunger for some odd reason. I bit the bullet and logged on to Papa John's and enough food for a small brigade (well, probably really just 1 large man) arrived at my doorstep - medium pizza, cheese sticks, chicken nuggets. It was like the blink of an eye and the boxes were much emptier (OK, empty) than they arrived. For a moment, I sat stunned and then sat back, relaxed and digested happily as I watched the 2nd half of the game.

                                                                                              I debated the large pizza...good thing I went with the medium as I probably would have finished in the Well, who am I kidding? When I inhaled the medium pizza, I was kicking myself for not getting a bigger pizza as I could have probably inhaled at least 2 more slices.

                                                                                              1. I often make my own pizza - around 12", usually just veggies for toppings - but I'm usually making it for 2. It's a travesty, but I limit myself to half the pizza. The same goes for ordering out: usually a medium with one or two veggie toppings, and I eat half.

                                                                                                This is all probably a good thing. If I didn't have to share I could easily eat a pizza on my own and have in the past...

                                                                                                1. When I am a glutton, I prefer to do so with fine food: If I'm going to eat more than a day's food in one meal (which means that I have to miss other meals or burn the excess through exercise), I want value for it. I want foie gras, pates and ice-cream made from a creme anglais base; I don't want to have to suffer that inconvenience for a fucking re-heated pizza from a box :/

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                                                                                                  1. re: mugen

                                                                                                    They each have a place in my book. I love high quality, perfected fine foods, but I won't deny a potentially equal love for crappy junk food. My gluttony knows no bounds and I will happily indulge in either depending on mood. To each his/her own I guess.

                                                                                                    1. re: fldhkybnva

                                                                                                      hear, hear!
                                                                                                      I call myself an equal opportunity food lover, haha.

                                                                                                  2. I will say this - yes, of course! BUT and it's a big BUT why, oh, why would you look at the nutrition AFTER it's in the oven? Oh, no, no, no, better to know the next day when you're bloated and dehydrated that that won't happen again. Until the next time I throw a Totino's in the oven and am so glad I have it in the freezer, for an easy fix! Damn, I want frozen pizza now.

                                                                                                    1. I'm pretty small... 135 lbs; 5'6". And I can eat 1/2 of one of those 12" pizzas, after work, without even thinking about it. Oh, did I mention that pasta and pastry cause me gastric distress? But I eat pizza anyways; because it's tasty. Our Breville countertop oven was chosen specifically because it can accommodate a pizza!
                                                                                                      Can you just eat leafy greens, bananas steamed kale tomorrow?

                                                                                                      1. I'm an 18 year old girl and I can put away a large delivered pizza on the reg (thank goodness I'm in shape)

                                                                                                        1. Sometimes when DH has been out too long for happy hour on Friday, he'll bring pizza home, and one always is my favorite pepperoni and pineapple. I eat some, most of it is left the next day, so I have that for breakfast. I LOVE leftover pizza.