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May 15, 2008 07:40 AM

I ate the entire pizza, and I bet you have too (ladies included)

I'm sorry, I just can't help it!!!! So, I throw a standard frozen 12 inch pizza in the oven for 16 minutes- while it's cooking, I flip the box over and start looking at the nutritional information. Ok, 6 servings- each serving is about 370 Calories, 30% saturated fat, never mind the cholesterol and sodium....The 16 minutes is over...I remove a nicely browned sausage pizza from the oven, let it cool for 8 seconds before ripping into if I followed our nutritional guidelines, I should just stick to that one slice...but that first slice is inhaled while still cutting the rest of the pie into the remaining 5 servings....look, I'm an average Joe weight-wise, but one slice does not suffice....and in about 15 minutes it's all gone....this is like Supersize me in one meal!! and sometimes I still have a little room for ice cream...

OK then, am I the only glutton out there? feel free to fess up !!!!

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  1. I buy froz. pizzas that use the 1/3 the pie serving size.

    I would try to eat only 1/3 and wrap 2/3 up for lunch and snack next day. I'd usually end up eating 2/3 that night and only have 1/3 left over.

    I switched to Tombstone Light pizza. It's amazingly delicious, with a REALLY spicy sauce and lots of good veggies. No meat though. But it cuts the guilt in about half, i.e. 230 cals per 1/3 as opposed to 400 cals per 1/3....

    but yes, I HAVE been guilty of eating a whole dang pizza on occasion...

    1. i think occasional overindulgence is definitely good for your soul. :)

      i'm not at all a believer in regularly scheduled mealtimes or meal portions. i think if you listen to your body and eat (or not eat) when you want and what you want, and also move your body when it feels like moving, it all evens out in the end.

      so... while pizza doesn't do it for me, i've definitely eaten a whole box of those trader joe's chicken mini tacos in one sitting, which i'm sure are just as bad! also party platters of maki rolls meant for 10 people, pints of ben & jerry's, two lbs of grapes (to not-so-great effect), etc...

      1. Oh, hell yeah. That's why I never read the nutritional info on stuff like that. Those serving sizes are pure fantasy.

        But that's only a once-in-a-while thing. And a very great while, to boot. I make up for it MOST other days by eating reasonable portions of much healthier food (lots of fresh veggies, fish and lean meat).

        1. oh, has sooo happened to me! this is why I only make Kashi frozen 'za when DH is home to scarf down his half! lol. those are way to yummy. :)

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          1. re: jujuthomas

            I ALWAYS eat the entire pizza, I buy it just for me...

            1. re: Sean

              Amen brother! Nothing like coming home from a night on the town and throwing a Tombstone in the oven and chowing down. I'm just wondering why it takes the OP 15 minutes to eat it. I cut the thing into 8 tiny slices and that's about 3 bites a slice. Sometimes I even breathe between bites, haha

          2. i've eaten the entirety of those $5 pizzas from little caesar's. and, like you o.p., i believe i had room for some ice cream.

            i'm glad i'm a runner.