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May 15, 2008 07:22 AM

Good eats around Ramsbottom...

... besides Ramsons? We are going to be spending quite a lot of time in this area this summer as we look for a house to buy in Rambo. So I'm wondering if there are any hidden gems around here folks can recommend. Apart from hearing amazing things about Bury market and the aforementioned Ramsons, where we had a great lunch last week, I know nothing about the chow in this neck of the woods.

many thanks...

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  1. There is/was an absolutely belting chippy on the road going down to the station. Might be called the "Yorkshire Tyke" or similar. Everything fried in dripping - and everything spot on. However, it may have changed hands as when I was last there, perhaps this time last year, lunch in the little caff at the back was a very big disappointment.

    There's also a couple of nice deli/butty shop type places on that road. And a good butchers who sells Orkney beef. As for restaurants in town, I don't know of any other than Ramsons (and am glad to hear it's up to the mark as it's on my current "to visit" list.)

    No personal experience but I've heard The Dining Room at Rawtenstall is pretty good.

    Other than that you're probably schlepping over the moors to Nutters.


    1. The younger (but no lesser) hermano was in that neck of the woods last year. I hear they do good black pudding.

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        They do. Simon & I discussed his trip on an earlier "chippy" thread. I think he visited the second best (IMO) producer on the Market.

        I keep promising myself a proper tasting session of the market's offerings - but I may have to wait until the cholesterol comes down :-0


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          Ooh, my husband will be delighted to hear about that chippy, it sounds fantastic.... fingers crossed that it hasn't gone downhill. The butcher I saw looked very good, and there was also a lovely greengrocers with all sorts of local and organic produce and ethnic foods. We'll have to try the Dining Room; there is another restaurant/fine dining place called Geese near the market in Ramsbottom that has gotten good reports but haven't been myself. All in all, looks to be a good nabe for eaters.

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            Geese gets a good write-up in the City Life Guide. Chef was prev. at the Restaurant Bar & Grill and the Living Room in the city centre, so it says.

            I'd forgotten the organic place. Not sure but it might be owned by the Ramsons people.

      2. Just got my membership stuff from North West Fine Foods. Listed as winner of the 2007 award for Best Sweet Pastry is the Chocolate Torte from Cultured Bean, 9a Bridge Street, Ramsbottom. Another for the list.


        1. I live in Surrey but I travel up to Ramsbottom regularly to see family. My favourite place there (and possibly anywhere) is The Chocolate Cafe. Situated opposite the affore mentioned Ramsons it is a chocolate shop and traditional cafe.

          They serve a range of Austrian hot chocolates which you make yourself at the table and are absolutley delicious. The menu is excellent and varied from full meals to light lunches and snacks. Homemade soup of the day is the best I have tasted anywhere and the staff are polite, friendly and very attentive. The chocolate shop has a mind boggling array of chocolate from around the world and they have a range of their own chocolate which they make on site.

          The only problem I have with it is that it is in Ramsbottom, not Richmond!

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            I have moved to rammy now and can report that this area has seen an uptick in new openings. The chocolate cafe is ace (though they need to cut their bread a bit thinner - each sarnie is like half a loaf or something) .

            The Lounge, The First Chop on Bolton Street and the Buddha Lounge near the train station have all recently arrived on the scene. I thought the Chop was brilliant at first - small menu, mainly locally-reared meat - but they have changed their tack and are now doing ONLY "Lancashire tapas" not dinner, which is a bit of a disappointment to my mind. Great beer selection though - as a bar its a sure winner.

            Buddha Lounge I wasn't too impressed with. The food was pretty mediocre I thought but the venue is sleek looking and replete with overpriced cocktails so will doubtless attract plenty of folks.

            Ramsons, however, has fallen very far in my estimation. The first and only time I ate there - about a year ago, we had a wonderful meal, and we have been dying to get back. But I tried to make a dinner booking there the other night and it was made quite clear to me that my husband and I would be welcome on our own but not if we brought our well-behaved 9-month-old baby. I don't care how good the food is - I don't think I'll be hurrying back there to give them my custom.