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May 15, 2008 07:10 AM

need lunch recs, b'way and 77th

teenage intern needs lunch food. pls let me have your chowhound thoughts.

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  1. pita grill, chirping chicken, burritoville, fairway. i'm sure some of the local bars have great lunch deals. not sure how that works not being 21 during the day but for food you might be able to take out.

    1. Grandaisy Bakery (on West 72, right next to Gray's Papaya between Bway and Columbus) has wonderful, Roman style (i.e. thing) pizza with delicious toppings for $2-3. Had the cauliflower topped pizza a few weeks ago and it was glorious.
      They have other sandwiches as well....

      There's a nice little bakery on W. 74th Street in the Ansonia building, on south side of 74th across from Fairway (sorry--name escapes me--think it starts with an "M"). In addition to baked items, they have have light fare (sandwiches, etc) , that might do well for lunch....
      It's take out.