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May 15, 2008 06:59 AM

Tell me: go here to eat!

Second request after a good steak, give me a great unpretentious restaurant that has never failed you for good scene great food, two 40+ year olds going out Saturday night to chow and enjoy a great meal. No chains unless I am really missing something special!

And a long wait does not impress......unless it's got a good bar.....

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  1. again....
    the knickerbocker
    steak for two, great caesar salad and french onion soup

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    1. re: namreb

      There is an Argentinean Steak place called Noveciento in the WV that has a good scene great steak and moderately priced.

    2. I don't think chowdude is looking for a steak place in this post. For italian try Lupa--unless its for THIS saturday night, in which case you are unlikely to get a reservation. Also the Momofukus, Spotted Pig, or Fatty Crab.

      1. Raoul's. Make reservations.

        1. You might want to re-word your request. To someone who hasn't seen your other post, it does sound like you are asking about steak. Crispo would be a good place for Italian, or try Chow Bar for pan-Asian or Snack Taverna for Greek. To avoid a long wait at any popular restaurant, you should reserve, or go very late.

          1. Ouest never fails to impress me, at least. The food is excellent, the wine list good, and it's not at all pretentious. But do make reservations. The bar area is crowded and annoying, unfortunately. You really don't want to wait there.

            [It might help you find what you're looking for to explain what you mean by "good scene". I think the phrase means very different things to different people!]