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May 15, 2008 06:55 AM

NYC good steak casual place?

Hello. I am looking for a real good steak and fries place, not pretentious. Not dress up. Just a darn good steak in a casual atmosphere. A good scene would be great too. Or do I have to step it up to really get a great steak. If so, is it BLT's for something special?


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  1. I really like Angelo & Maxie's for steak, and I don't think it has a pretentious air at all. Also, Keen's is pretty laid back and a great place for steaks.

    Moving on from there, while not everyone loves it, I really enjoy the steak frites at Les Halles.

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      I did set up a reservation at Les halles just now, on park Ave. It's good? I'll check keens

      1. re: chowdude

        Les Halles isn't very good. The steak is decent at best and the service is terrible. If you truely want a good steak, i'm talking dry aged prime steak, you really have to go to a top notch steakhouse (of which Angelo and Maxies doesn't qualify). BLT prime is great, as is Keens. Keens is more old world clubby inside whereas BLT Prime is more modern and younger. Both serve great steaks. If you are looking for something alittle more casual than a steakhouse, I'm sure someone can recommend a french bistro that serves better steak frites or hanger steak than Les Halles. Me personally, I save my steak for steakhouses and order other things at bistros, so I can't help there.

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          You can dine at the bar at Keens if you prefer to be even more causal.

      2. La Rural, formerly Pampa, on Amsterdam and 98th, fits your description.
        It's Argentine-style, however.

        1. My g/f and I are big fans of Landmarc in the Time Warner Center for a casual steak. I've shown up in t-shirts and sneakers before without any overt fuss from the staff.

          The steak frites at Florent is also very good and totally casual. They're closing on June 29, though, so get a move on if you're going to check them out.