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May 15, 2008 06:46 AM

Dumplings in Bethesda?

Looking for some really good delightful dumplings in Bethesda at lunch would be great but NOVA/Alexandria would be fine too...ideas? Who has the best? Are there any really good dumpling shops around?

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  1. You have to drive a little further up Rockville Pike, but China Bistro is my fav. Go for Mama's Special Dumplings. I find the dumplings at A&J also tasty, but sometimes a little heavy. You can find A&J in Annandale and Rockville.

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      I will absolutely second the China Bistro rec; they are SO GOOD. Thin skinned, with super flavorful fillings and a really great dipping sauce. Just order early; on busy days they can take a half hour for pick up.

    2. Yeah, you probably have to go to Rockville for tasty dumplings, if you have time. A&J probably has the best dumplings in Rockville. If you're interested in dim sum there are a few places (Hollywood East, Oriental East) over in the Wheaton/Silver Spring area, but I'm not sure if they have dim sum on weekdays.

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        Hollywood East offers dim sum off a menu on weekdays, and they're not crowded.

      2. i'll third China Bistro if you are looking for northern style dumplings (pan fried or in soup). the name's funny cux its a homey little dive with what looks like the daughter working the counter and the mom working in the kitchen old school with a wooden stick. its a delight in an age when shops around here are all starting to order their dim sum whole sale premade from new york instead of making it in house.

        dim sum probably still goes to oriental east. been doing the same thing as far back as i can remember but still the most consistent and kept most of its quality over the years. you can still see the original chef poking his head out the kitchen at times. although one got to wish for a little variety after going there for like 10 years.

        1. Thanks all - I think I will try China Bistro - looks like EXACTLY what I was looking for even though its in Rockville! I'll let you know what I think! :)