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North End Restaurant Recs for Parents

Hello! My parents are coming to visit and would like to eat in the North End. With them, we've done Sage, Giacamo's, Antico Forno, Taranta, Strega, Assagio, Florentine (yuck), Pomodoro, Pizzeria Regina, Dolce Vita, Fiore, Terramia, Bacco and Bella Vista, so looking for something new.

Looking for a hidden jewel, great food, price doesn't really matter. I know you guys can help me out!

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  1. Not really "hidden jewels" but you have missed 2 that many feel are the best in the North End, Prezza and Mamma Maria.

    1. My current favorite in the NE is Prezza. A search will yield many reviews.

      1. Mamma Maria, Prezzo, Marco, Carmen, Rabia's, Neptune Oyster.

        1. Above recs are very good, I'll add Artu' and L'Osteria.

          1. Mid priced, red sauce, solid food Pagliuca's on Parmenter St. (and my Mom loves it).

            1. If you enjoy organic seafood, Mare is another solid spot. I also love Piccolo Nido. It's located on the corner of North Street and Lewis Street - away from the tourists. Haven't been in awhile, but the grilled calamari is incredible along with the seafood risotto and grilled veal chop.

                  1. Hi: I moved out of the North End about 4 years ago, but would like to also recommend Monica's and L'Osteria. When I lived in the North End, I took my family to Monica's whenever they came to town.

                    L'Osteria is a consistently good family-owned red sauce place.

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                      Monica's(shhhhhh). Grilled calamari appetizer any of their delicious homemade pastas with seafood.

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                        I forgot Monica's (the Richmond St. one). It has had a face lift recently and the list of specials is comically long but the food is consistently good.

                    2. Oh, and Il Panino is also quite good.

                      1. I've always found Artu to be a very enjoyable combination of good food and comfort.