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May 15, 2008 05:35 AM

Vietnamese rice flour crepes - bahn xeo

I bought some rice flour to make these, but later on the bag said it was "sweet rice flour". One of the recipes said not to use sweet rice flour. Does anyone know what kind of rice flour I should be using? Or where I can get some in Manhattan (not Chinatown though). Thanks so much.

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  1. You can use Goya (or any other brand) of "rice flour" -- no adjectives -- which you can find any almost any Indian and Latin food market. I am pretty certain I've also seen it at Fairway on the UWS, on the second floor, though prices there are a little more expensive.

    1. As added info: sweet rice refers to glutenous, short grain, rice typical used for sweet desserts and does not indicate the sweetness of the rice

      1. You want bot gao, plain rice flour, not bot gao nep, glutinous rice flour. Save that and use it for a sweet dish.
        Can you share your banh xeo recipe? Have you made banh xeo before? I have the one from Mai Pham's book Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table, it is something I would like to try, so I would appreciate any tips from the trenches.

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          Thanks for all the info - I have absolutely no tips! I've never done this before. I got regular rice flour from Kalustians. I have two recipes - one calls for eggs and a little rice flour. The other calls for a lot of rice flour and no eggs. How was the recipe you tried?

        2. The first time I made these I used sweet rice flour - it was a disaster! Use white rice clour from the Asian grocery store if possible. It is very finely ground.