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May 14, 2008 11:01 PM

Last Supper @ Brass CrAP

Wanted to take the sweetie for his B-day for Bistro food to remind us of our days in France. After informing the Maitre'D that it was a "romantic B-day", he first seats us next to a table with a baby who couldn't help crying. After moving tables, it was downhill from there. Maybe it was me, but I detected some attitude from the server which improved when she learned it was sweeties B-day. Asked if we wanted bread, instead of just bringing the basket to the table, though she did refill it. Perhaps a cost savings ploy by the establishment, or for the benefit of all those weight conscious patrons? Needed a magnifying glass to locate the microscopic, flavorless $30 rack of lamb. The complementary B-day souffle, a nice gesture, unfortunately, was rather bland and needed a lot more chocolate. All in all an uninspired meal. Can't wait for Anisette to open!

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  1. this place does disappoint on service and food. i'm glad it's closing. well deserved.

    we had a very similar experience to you - we were placed next to a crying baby even though the rest of the place was empty, bad service w/attitude, and fairly unlively food.

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      This location has been cursed with one loser after another ever since Cape Cod closed many, many years ago.

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        Les Anges was very good. I remember it being great. And I had some great times at The Beach House.

        The last time I went to Brass Cap it was loud, overpriced, and not good. I expected it to at least be at the level of The Brentwood, but it's not. Or at the very least, to have a decent bar scene (like Beach House did), but it does not. The biggest shocker at Brass Cap is when the bill comes.

        I hear Anisette is delayed another month.

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          Beach House was one of my favorites, particularly when Josie Le Balch was cooking there, but Liza was such a great hostess that I still enjoyed going even after Josie left. The food at Brass Cap has been a pricey disappointment each time I've been.

    2. You know, that sucks. Sorry you had a not so great time.

      On the bread. Some places do that because certain diners don't touch bread (thos no carb people) and can get upset if it is brought to the table. Upset or not, untouched bread brought to the table must be disposed of, not re-used. Grocery prices being what they have become, wasted bread is just not worht it. (and is a waste, anyhow) Better to ask ahead!

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        Went once and it was mediocre. Went again and it was worse than mediocre.
        Any idea what's going in there?