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Place to eat near 134 / 5 Intersection?

I live near Thousand Oaks and I'm meeting someone for a Saturday lunch somewhere near the intersection of these freeways. I'm supposed to tell the other person where to meet, and I don't have a clue what's around there. I'm looking for a place to get a casual meal. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks so much.

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  1. There's an Acapulco in Glendale literally right next to the 134 and just past the 5.
    Exit 134 East at Pacific Avenue make a left-go under the underpass and Acapulco will be on the right. Across the street is a Starbucks and Marie Callender's.
    That Acapulco is one of the better ones....ambience and food.

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      Bag Acapulco. Go to Don Cuco on Riverside near Pass Ave and Hollywood Way. McCormick and Schmick is near by also. Porto's in Glendale is crowded by fun for a change. If you want really casual, with something you can taste, try Chicago Taste at Hollywood Way and Verdugo.

      1. Oinkster is a little past there.

        If you go just a bit more on the 134, you can get off at Brand, and eat at Carousel, or any of the other nice places on Brand.

        1. It may be too casual but if you continue two exits east on the 134 you can take the Glendale Ave. exit and eat at the Fish King galley. It's noisy, generally crowded, and the decor is, well "what decor?" describes it best, but the fish is really good.

          1. Joseph's Cuisine? Cafe Bravo?

            Right on Brand there (third exit east of the 5 on the 134) you have all sorts of yummy stuff, including Lola's (great salmon salad and roast chicken), El Morfi Argentine Grill, Carousel, Porto's Bakery (they have lunches)...

            There's a Zankou Chicken on San Fernando Rd, a few exits up the 5 from that interchange, too, or you could go to Ameci Pizza and Pasta on Glenoaks in Burbank.

            1. right by there in burbank is Porto's Bakery. They have great sandwiches and desserts!

              3614 W Magnolia Blvd
              Burbank, CA 91505
              (818) 846-9100

              1. 2 exits down the 5 is Los Feliz, and about a block east (on Los Feliz) is Tam O'Shanter which may be appealing for a for a pub feel, with good beers on tap and tasty sandwiches (especially if you like beef).

                1. If you exit the 134 east at Buena Vista and go east on Riverside Drive, there's the Riverside Cafe, a charming little place with outdoor tables and an interesting and eclectic menu.

                  1. A couple really casual spots incl. Cafe Bravo on Glenoaks near Grandview (north side of st.). I get there from the 134 by exiting at Pacific and turning left on Glenoaks, but there might be a quicker way. Good kebabs, tabouli, etc. Sevan Chicken is also on Glenoaks a few blocks west of Pacific. Zankou-like and really cheap. Both are order-at-counter, but solid.

                    1. Wow, lots of great ideas. Thanks so much for the help. i learned about some new places that I'll keep in my "to try" list.

                      1. Mambos cuban style cafe in a renovated garage is reliable and tasty - it's an easy place to hang out with friends and chat - no one rushing you off your table. it is on the corner of western and victory. only a few blocks away from the freeway and way better than a chain, I'm not veg but I always get this plate of tofu veg dish (wiht name I can't recall) it is great with plantains.
                        Cafe Bravo is a little further from the 5 and not as good a place for sitting to chat with a friend - but anything chicken, hummus and grape leaves are all excellent.
                        the new palate isn't far from the freeways but near the new americana at brand mall and is sure to be wall-to-wall people.