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May 14, 2008 10:55 PM

Anita's Grill

Hey Guys, I'm new to this site. I now live in Houston, Texas and I ran across this site while writing a story for a contest associated with this site. Check out my story and let me know what you think. It really stirred up some found memories of New Orleans for me. It's called, Please pay before you eat. I'm sure many of you have been there or know of Anita's. Here is the link:

Thanks T.C.

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  1. Nice story. I'm assuming it's in center city? If so, you're much braver than I. We used to own rental units in cc and my husband would never collect rent on the same day of the month and he always carried 2 pistols, one showing at all times.

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      It is on Tulane Ave. near Galvez. Although the sign proudly declares "open 24 hours" I think it is strictly a breakfast and lunch place post-k.

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        Anita's was flooded but reopened post-K with the same menu, but the truncated hours. They didn't make it. Pre-K, it was indeed open 24 hours and a good place to go after taking folks for Charity ER visits. It was no Hummingbird Grill, but...

    2. My grandfather owned this building in the 50's. He had a restaurant called Jerry's in this building. He came over to the US from Greece. He got into the restaurant business when he saw a guy on the sidewalk selling hamburgers for 5 cents. The guy told my grandfather that it took about a penny to make one, and he sold it for a nickel, which inspired my grandfather to give it a try. One day, a man came in for breakfast at this building, and sent his eggs back to the kitchen, 3 times. My grandfather came into the dining area from the kitchen and shouted to the man, "Go home, and have your mamma cook your eggs!" My grandfather also got into the juke box business in New Orleans while he had his restaurant. At one point, he was making $1,000 per day in nickels from his juke boxes.

      Dennis Germenis
      College Station TX

      1. well it seems you enjoyed yourself yes there was a requirement to pay after 10 pm i used to work there and it was because we had quite a few run out after eatting but sometimes pending on how busy we were you didnt have to pay first it was mainly for the wild bunch and to my knowledge they are closed on sundays now and only open 6-6 now so i dont think anitas will ever be the same i know i miss it there i made and met quite a few good people there so do you remember your waitress lol :)