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May 14, 2008 10:38 PM

Country Sun (Natural Foods store), Palo Alto report

I went into Country Sun not needed anything and ended up spending $35.32!!

It's a healthy food store that sells lots of organic, bulk foods, vitamins, health care, some produce, and many cool things.

I got on Wed 5/14/08:

Wildflower Honey DoubleJ Apiaries (1 pint) from Los Altos Hills $10.50

Organic raisins red flame grown in Ca. $1.64

Organic Honey dates $1.06

Organic Halawi Dates from Ca .88c

Kiss My Face sliced peach SPF 15 - love it, plus on sale for $2.87, regular price over $3+

Endangered species chocolate Dark chocolate w/ raspberries $2.79-saves the bears

Endangered species chocolate Dark chocolate w/ hazelnut toffee $2.79 -saves the Rhino. (coupon on their flyer, buy 1 get 1 free limit 4)

Endangered species chocolate dark chocolate w/ cranberries & almonds $2.79 -saves the Yellowstone wolf

Endangered species chocolate milk chocolate w/ peanut butter brittle $2.79 -saves the Elephants (coupon on their flyer, buy 1 get 1 free limit 4)

3400 Phinney bread & chocolate bars $2.51 (discontinued item)!! Stock up!! got only 2.

3400 Phinney coffee dark chocolate bar $2.51 (discontinued item)!!

3400 Phinney Nib brittle chocolate bar $2.51 - discontinued item..hurry!

3400 Phinney Chai tea chocolate bar $2.51 - discontinued item..hurry!

Only flavor I didn't get was the coconut curry Phinney chocolate bar. Sounded gross to me.

Total $35.32 and they take credit cards. They don't have plastic bags so bring your own bag or you get paper bags!

Flyer also said: vitamin & body care sale on selected items.
Clover organic yogurt 8 for $8
Straus organic ice cream pints 2 for $8 (regular price $4.39 ea)
Spring Hill organic cheese 15% off
Vital Vittles organic whole grain bread 10% off
Julie's organic ice cream novelties 2 for $4 (reg. $2.39)
Garden of Eatin' corn chips 2 for $6 (reg. $3.39)
Amy's organic whole meal enchiladas 2 for $8 (reg $4.79)
Newman's own chocolate cups 4 for $5 (reg. $1.59)
Frontera salsa sale $3.99 (reg $4.79)
Lifestream Pie-Oh-My! 2 for $4 (reg $2.59)
Barbara's snackimals 6 for $6 (reg. $1.19)
Bearitos air-popped popcorn 1/2 (reg. $2.59)

M-F 9-8
Sat 9-7
Sun 10-7

Tip: Wed & Sun only senior citizen discount for 65+!! I'm not that age though.

Country Sun Natural Foods
440 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA

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  1. Thanks. Next time I go to Polish Deli in that area I'll stop by.

    How's the chocolate?

    I went through six Frontera salsas when Raley's had them on sale for Cinco de Mayo (2 for $7). They were just ok. While they taste better than something like Pace, nothing really I'd buy again. The Chipotle was about the best. The salsas with things in them like either mango or corn really didn't taste of those. The mango was sweetish with a little smoke flavor, but no real mango flavor.

    1. I like Country Sun a lot. All of their produce is organic. And, until someone at the California St. Farmer's Market starts selling cheaper tomatoes, it's worth buying their tomatoes on Sundays. They try to support local products (cheese, wine, etc.). Their sales are quite good - they sell Green & Black chocolate and Choice organic teas for half off at least a couple of times a year.

      The bulk section is very decent and they also have a lot of bulk spices.

      (plus it's nice to support a non-behemoth of a store...)