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May 14, 2008 09:36 PM

Dumplings for Dinner in Chinatown with parents?

Hi all.

I would like to take my parents out for dim sum in Chinatown. They are not really adventurous so I don't want to take them into a scary dingey basement. I'd be fine with that if the food was good :)

I was thinking Chatham Square Restaurant, but I heard they stop serving dim sum at 4pm. I would be eating closer to 7:30pm. I thought maybe also New Green Bo or Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings.

What do you guys recommend? They are in town for 1 night so I want to make it memorable for them! At the same time, I only eat fish and veggies, no other meat, so I don't want to go too adventurous like the Fujian pork noodle soup places.


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  1. if you want dim sum, dim sum is really a morning / early afternoon thing, so 7:30 is way too late. The only place that will be serving dim sum will be Dim Sum Go Go, which may actually not be a bad choice as I think its one of the better places in ctown and its probably reasonable decor wise if your parents aren't very adventurous (remember its not carts, but ordering off the menu...which i think is better and the way things are moving to in asia anyhow)

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      Thanks Lau for the quick reply. I have past this place many times, and never gave it a shot. I will hit is up!!!

      Thanks again!

    2. Agree with Lau as to dim sum, but I'm curious about your reference to "dumplings" in the heading, which is different from dim sum. Besides soup dumplings that you can get at the Shanghai places you named, non-dim sum dumplings also include the various meat dumplings you can get at places such as Fried Dumpling, Prosperity Dumpling, Tasty Dumpling, etc., which are open in the evening.