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May 14, 2008 08:52 PM

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators-Pros/Cons?

The current fridge is running fine, but was thinking about down the road when it's time for a new one. Have always liked ones with the freezer on the bottom-grandma's was the one I always knew and was excited when they came back into popularity. To anyone that has one--love that you have it? Why? Hate it? Why? Just looking for some views for when I finally go shopping.


elkgrovestella :)

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  1. Love our freezer bottom. Important things like refrig veg and meat bins are waist level. We don't use the freezer that much, ice cubes, ice cream and bones for stock.

    1. Over the last 41 years I have had 2 bottom freezers, 2 side by sides, and a top freezer. We mover a lot. The bottom freezer is perfect. It is wider than side by side and holds much bigger items and more items. With a bottom freezer I am not standing on my head getting thing out ot the frig. The frig part is at a comfortable usable height, and the less used freezer is below that.

      1. Count me in as a bottom freezer lover. I just bought my first one a couple of years ago and I'm really glad I did. It just makes sense to me to have everything in the refrigerator at eye level.

        1. When I'm hot, it's too hard to stick my head in the bottom freezer. :-) Oh, and I read a how-to doc on how to train your dog to open the fridge and get you a water bottle out of it, my dog is mostly shih tzu and is too short to get enough leverage to actually open the door...and if she got it open, couldn't reach the bottom shelf!

          I love my bottom freezer. It's hard to imagine why they ever went out of fashion! About the only dislike I have with mine is that the drawer-style door on mine means no shelves in the door to put little things, so those little items sometimes get buried. Of course if my wife was a little more dilligent about following my organization method (Veggies on the left side of the divider, Meats on the right side of the divider, everything else in the upper section) it would happen less often :-)

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            Hmmm.....it just occured to me my little Jack Russell puppy LOVES to check out the fridge when I open it-a four legged Chowhound. She would prob be none too happy if I bought a bottom freezer fridge........LOL....oh well..she's safe for a few more years.

          2. I love my bottom freezer refrigerator -- w/ french doors on the top refrigerator part. I have the pull-out drawer for the freezer, which seems like a much better idea than a swing-out door at ankle height. With the drawer you can pull out and look down.

            No more bending to your ankles to get the carrots out of the veggie bin. You can see everything in the refrigerator since everything is at eye level.

            I also really like the feature in my Amana -- the "chef's pantry" which is a bin the full width of the refrigerator that is big enough to store an entire brussels sprout stalk, bunches of kale, chard, etc. I have a divider in to put meat on the right, which is probably the coldest part of the fridge since it's at the lowest level.

            I bought my first one several years ago and when we sold that house, I only missed that refrigerator! When we bought our new house 2 years ago, first thing I did was go out and buy a bottom freezer refrigerator. I love it in a way that a human should not feel about a household appliance!

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              I've got a similar configuration. It's so nice to have shelves in the refrigerator that can run the full width of the unit. I'd never consider any other type.

              The only problem is that whenever I open the freezer, my basset hound (lover of ice cubes that he is) always seems to want to stick his snout in the ice cube bin.

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                Any problems with your Amana? Reading through this 2007 thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/313460, SO many people did not like LG or Amana. Other on-line research on Amana has noted anecdotal comments on poorly made Brazilian compressors, which fail quickly.

                Maybe it's time for a review thread since last year's posters will have a year under their belts with their appliances.

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                  Nope. No problems w/ my Amana, which I understand is the same as Maytag. My trusty appliance store (which adds a few years to the warranty) preferred the Amana over the LG, so I took their advice even though Consumer Reports rated the LG highly. My appliance guy said the LG was unrealiable, it was too new and parts take forever to get.
                  The only (slight) problem I have is that produce at the back of the large bin can get frozen, so I don't put things back there.

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                    My Amana bottom freezer unit is about 10 years old, and we have not been wildly happy with it. Biggest problem is that produce (in drawers right on top of the freezer unit) froze. Turning down the freezer temp did no good. Repairman was totally unhelpful. Finally husband put duct tape on part of the vent from the freezer into the refrig.unit. I would still buy a bottom freezer unit again.

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                    I have the Amana also and really do like it, but there is one thing you should know about the ice tray - when the ice tray is full and you pull open the drawer, it is very likely to knock a cube or two off the top. The displaced cubes fall out the back of the tray, slide down the curved back wall and skitter out across the floor. They generally then find a heavy object to slide under like my island. If you get into the ice constantly this could be a drag. But otherwise it's great.