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Best Breakfast place in Eastbay

What is your favorite Breakfast place in th East Bay

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    1. 900 Grayson . . . I always enjoy breakfast there.

      1. I'm from Fremont and we have two great breakfast spots in the area. First is the Country Way. The servings are huge. They offer a few specials. The other spot is The Original Pancake House. I always get the omlette with a side of pancakes. Both are great choices IMO.


        1. Bette's Oceanview Diner.

          1. Guerilla cafe on Shattuck & Cedar- nothing fancy, but great waffles and a cool vibe. I also love La Note -great poached eggs & 900 Grayson.

            1. Homemade Cafe on Dwight. Not fancy, but super yummy & easy on the wallet.

              1. Without doubt Hidden City Cafe in point richmond
                Best home fries on earth-

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                  Kensington Bistro but they are only open on the weekend.

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                    Kensington Bistro is now Post Meridian/Meridian Cafe now I believe.

                2. I like the Homemade Cafe, and Blackberry Bistro (4240 Park Boulevard). Blackberry Bistro has good potato pancakes.

                  1. Brown Sugar Kitchen on Mandela Parkway has perhaps the best chicken-and-waffle breakfast I've had in Oakland (and this means better than Luka's or 900 Grayson.)

                    Brown Sugar Kitchen
                    2534 Mandela Pkwy, Oakland, CA 94607

                    1. 900 Grayson has Carolina Cheese Grits on the menu now, and they are delicious.

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                        Thanks for the tip about the grits at 900 Grayson! We like Grayson a lot, but usually end up at Luka's since it's closer to home. Being from the South, I'm a huge fan of grits, and I love the grits served at Luka's. Luka's is one of our favorite breakfast spots. We take our Sunday paper and enjoy an order of beignets with our coffee. We then split an order of eggs with toast and grits and a side of fried chicken and there's usually food leftover. We used to frequent Mama's on Oakland when I lived in Oakland, but we got tired of the wait and thought their "crack" potatoes went downhill the last few times we visited.

                      2. I have two: Rick and Ann's, next to the Claremont Resort http://www.rickandanns.com/ and La Note on Shattuck. http://www.lanoterestaurant.com/ Both in Berkeley. I have to qualify this by saying that we live in SF now and haven't been back there for a while. But I have always had delicious food in charming surroundings at these two places. Having breakfast out is lovely in any case... these places made it even more enjoyable.

                        1. I second Homemade, and also add Mama's Royal in Oakland. I've never liked Rick and Ann's, it's fine, but not worth the wait for me. Does Jupiter on Shattuck still serve breakfast? I moved east a few years ago, but when I was still in Berkeley it was one of my favorite spots.

                          Mama's Royal Cafe
                          4012 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94611

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                            Right. Mama's Royal Cafe! A good one. And yes, I'd have to agree Rick and Ann's could have an atrocious wait. Although I have gone there on the late side (2pm? I think they might wrap it up by about 3pm), and was seated almost immediately. I love the hash there.

                          2. I love La Note in Berkeley. Bette's Oceanview Diner is great too. I thought 900 Grayson was tasty and would definitely go again if I was in the area.

                            1. The best waffles I've ever had are at Ole's in Alameda

                              1. IMHO, 900 Grayson is at a completely different level than La Note or Rick & Ann's (both of which are also good).

                                In order of pref:

                                1. Hands down, 900 Grayson
                                2. Bette's for pancakes and soft cooked eggs
                                3. Mama's for benedicts
                                4. Luka's (was not impressed w/ the fried chix bkfst here tho; lacked flavor), La Note, Rudy's, Rick & Ann's
                                5. Venus, last

                                1. I havn't been in a while but Lois the Pie Queen's breakfast of salmon cakes, grits, eggs over easy and bisquits used to be incredible. Its the only thing I ever ordered because I never could resist. The lines can be quite long on Sunday.

                                  1. If it's the weekend and you're feeling flush, definitely Eccolo. Otherwise, 900 Grayson. Hidden City Cafe ranks a distant third.

                                    1. I read through a few threads here, and while I usually miss the obvious, nobody has mentioned Sunnyside in Albany, on Solano across from Safeway. I haven't been back to the log cabin since, easy choice. I've eaten through a lot of their menus and specials, always a treat. It's one of the rare times I can get scrambled eggs all juicy, glistenny & nice. I can't say how many times I've ordered scrambled eggs and been served a plain omelet.

                                      I haven't had any of their coffee though, so can't say anything about that. I've found their homefries to be somewhat too abundant and a little rich. Lunches have been good too, plus they take plastic. Service? Always cheerful, prompt and refill my water glass. And when I said always, I meant it. Even better than Sukie's Country Kitchen.


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                                          1) 900 Grayson
                                          2) Eccolo
                                          3) Bette's at 3rd.

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                                            I might tend to agree with you if I were only judging on the food (but then again maybe not) however, I always judge a restaurant on both food AND service (which is almost more important than the food). Bette's definitely wins over both 900 Grayson and Eccolo for good, old fashioned hospitality. I have always, always had excellent service at Bette's, in addition to delicious, well-prepared food.

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                                            I've only eaten at Bette's probably a half dozen times, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Better than Bette's? I wouldn't say that, no. As good? Could very well be depending upon what you order. Better than Log Cabin? Absolutely. I drive from Richmond to Sunnyside quite frequently and bypass everything in between.

                                            Speaking of breakfasts, I just got back from Millie's Kitchen in Lafayette, darned good as well. But once again, I was served a plain omelet, sliced up with a spatula. Sunnyside's scrambled eggs totally kicked their behind.

                                            SCRAMBLED EGGS ARE NOT OMELETS !!!


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                                              How do Sunnyside's scrambled eggs compare with Bette's?

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                                                Sing it, brother! If I want an omelet (which I don't), I'll order an omelet (which I won't).

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                                                  I like Sunnyside's scrambled eggs for two reasons
                                                  - I don't like the soft, icky scramble at Bette's
                                                  - Sunnyside uses Uncle Eddie's eggs which have a bright yolk.

                                                  I KNOW I can ask Bette's to scramble the eggs harder ... but their heart isn't in it and they don't turn out as well. Yes, I should LOVE soft scrambled eggs ... but eggs have a gag factor to me and while I like them soft and fluffy, almost runny is just not something I deal with well ... Bette's soft scrambled eggs would be a deal breaker for me on Fear Factor.

                                                  Other than the souffle pancake at Bette's, I'd rather go to Sunnyside.

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                                                    I know, I hate runny eggs too. I always ask for them "medium" and they are the best scrambled eggs anywhere. In my opinion, most people overcook scrambled eggs, which is just as bad as runny eggs.

                                                    Bette's also makes the best pancakes I've ever had. I never used to order pancakes for breakfast, but since discovering Bette's, its the only thing I order there. Always order whatever their pancake special of the day is. They change daily and are always amazing... fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, delicious, plus they usually come with some of their housemade sausages and eggs. Really the perfect breakfast. Normally I'm a potato person, not a pancake person, but like I said, those pancake converted me.

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                                                      That said, I will definitely have to try Sunnyside!

                                            2. Merritt Bakery has the best waffles I've ever had (although Dinah's in LA might top them in terms of fluffiness.) And is it wierd to have fried chicken with those waffles in the morning? Not for me it ain't.