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May 14, 2008 08:49 PM

PHX: Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers?

Has anyone been here? It's a rather cute looking little joint just east of 7th St/Indian School, next door to a barbershop.

The name is certainly intriguing. Their sign says they serve Long Wongs wings, so we figured they may be owned by the family.

Any experiences? I found a few favorable reviews at

Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers
802 E. Indian School

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  1. I went to this place when I was passing through, and really enjoyed it. There is a great hippy vibe that is fun and completely natural (not the faux-hippie some restaurants do just as a marketing scheme). If you like mushrooms AT ALL, go to this joint. It is pretty delicious. And as a bonus, you can get a full meal for like $5 (and I mean burger, fries, and a drink).

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      right on - ive driven past that place a thousand times and always wanted to stop. thanks for the info :)

      1. I love replying to my own old requests....

        We stopped in on July 4th for lunch. I assume the owner's son/grandson was working the counter - really nice kid. We ordered two lunch specials with the mushroom burger and a cheeseburger. burger/fries/drink - $5!!

        The beasties were acting up and the heat was unbearable, so we took everything to go. There was an additional detour to my mom's house(it's relevant), which was about 15 minutes out of the way. The bag of food were at my feet in the car the whole time - evil temptress!

        By the time we got to my mom's and pulled everything out, the fries, which are the real deal complete with bits of skin missed during peeling, were a bit soggy. Next time I'll eat them hot from the frier.

        The burgers - they are superb. This is only my opinion, but I like what I like. The mushroom burger is incredible, with lots of garlic-y sauteed mushrooms and a few onions thrown in. The menu says it's a steak burger, which is most definitely is. There's a special little sauce that both burgers had on them, but I coudn't quite break it down in my head.

        It's a funky little shop with lots of kitschy stuff on the walls. I have an affinity for owners who teach their children/grandchildren how to service customers properly. The young man was about 13 yo and already knows customer service.

        We'll be back.

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          How big would say the burger is - 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 lb?

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            Forgive me for what may be they serve veggie mushroom burgers or regular meat burgers with added mushrooms? Or both? Couldn't find a menu online.

          2. I like this place. Yes, the burger is salty (I'm a Culver's fan, so I'm used to this), and yes, you need to ask for the fries extra crispy, but who can complain for $5 ? Apparently they're making the hog dogs in-house, which I haven't tried yet, but will. Get the magic mushroom burger.

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              you guys should try his new taco shop on 7th street and camelback it's really cheap and good as well.

              I will say though don't do the fish tacos they were very fishy everyhting was great the first time aroound.