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May 14, 2008 08:45 PM

[DFW] Bice shutters

I just saw on DMN eats blog that Bice at the Crescent has closed. While I can't say that I am sad to see them close, I guess I am a little surprised. It seems that restaurants in the Crescent (aside from Capital Grill) never seem to do all that well. Is there any one that has dined there that thinks that Bice's closing is a real loss for the Dallas dining scene?

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  1. Ill miss Bice. It was one of my favorite Italian places in DFW. It had been empty for nearly a year, even during peak times. Im surprised nothing has survived in that location given its proximity to offices and hotels, visibility, and ease of access/central location.

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      1. My family had been dining at Bice for years in NY up until about 2 years ago. The quality up there had gone downhill so i am not surprised about the one here. Funny thing is Il Mulino from NY couldn't make it here either.

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          Il Mulino was another restaurant that I wasn't sad to see close their doors. When you serve uninspired dishes with ingredients that aren't necessarily local or seasonal and charge inflated NY prices, the novelty wears off quickly. In big tourist traps like Las Vegas and Miami, can these sort of restaurants do well.

        2. I don't think Dallas will ever support a high end Italian resto like Bice or Ill Mulino, nor can I blame them. Regardless of a resto's specialties, how much are we supposed to pay for a plate of pasta?