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May 14, 2008 07:58 PM

Best Chocolate cake in LA anyone?

This has probably been done to death but where is the best chocolate cake east of Pasadena to be found? (Westside, Downtown, South Bay, OC locations are ok if they are that good and worth it) I've had a craving for days.

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  1. Also, I like Costco's but looking for a place where I can purchase it by the slice as opposed to the entire cake.

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      That Costco cake is way too much chocolate for me....and I like chocolate.

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        you HAVE to try the Colossal Chocolate Layer cake at Pavillion's Market (I know, I know!)!! It has like five thin cake layers, lighter milkier/semisweet filling between the layers, and a darker icing on top and sides coated in chocolate shavings. it's AWESOME. sold by the slice!

        also, single slices available at Viktor Benes' in Gelson's, particularly the Chocolate Parisian.

      2. The chocolate lava cake at Pacific Dining Car is divine.

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          If you're going to include chocolate lava cake, then I will have to say that the chocolate lava cake from Beard Papa's was an absolutely incredible surprise, and for only $2.50 a serving!

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            The PDC chocolate lava cake is very good. On reflection, I should have had it after breakfast there in the wee hours the other night. Maybe I'll stop by again tonight for drinks and steak and eggs and chocolate lava cake. I'm on a health-food kick, and this would cover all major food groups except pork sausage.

            Pacific Dining Car
            1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

          2. Sweet Lady Jane's Old Fashioned Chocolate is my favorite.

            1. The flourless chocolate cake in vanilla creme anglaise at Allegria in Malibu. Take it home. Eat it in bed. Die happy

              1. Chocolate Fudge Cake at Junior's (Pico/Westwood) is pretty good.

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                  SusieCakes 6 layer chocolate fudge cake is the best I have ever had. They sell it by the slice, if that is your preference.