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May 14, 2008 07:53 PM

Best Gelato in Edmonton?

da capo (109th St. just south of the High Level Bridge) wins hands down in my book. Have had both fruit and non-fruit flavours and have been impressed every time.

The gelato at Famoso pizzeria is probably my 2nd place.

Bueno Gelato and Block 1912 are both good, but only serve huge scoops at correspondigly high prices.

Haven't tried the new place (Fantasia I think?) that has recently opened in Enterprise Square downtown yet.

Any other opinions or suggestions for other good gelato spots in the city?

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  1. Leva is really good too probably the same as da capo, since it was brothers that owned it then split to open da capo. I find it is very reasonably priced too, which is a nice change.

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      yeah, i would say Leva and Famoso - i still haven't been to da capo, so i don't know. what about that one across from mountain equipment co-op? What does everyone think of that? I was there about a month ago and they only had four flavours, but it was cold out...i got a small vanilla bean flavour and it was good, but not as good as leva.

    2. My house ;-) .... Actually, I totally agree with your choices egon61: DaCapo and then Famoso. I've tried the little place across from Mountain Equip awhile ago and it wasn't bad, though it doesn't stick out in my mind.

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        that one is Bueno Gelato I believe. Okay, but not great, expensive.

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            I believe that one is owned by Bernard Callebaut. But that was several years ago I heard that, when it first opened.

            1. re: Bryn

              That is my understanding as well.

      2. Fantasia used to have a stand at the Calgary Folk Fest and it was really good even with the challenges of operating out of doors and all that, so I was happy to find their gelato packaged at Calgary Co-op grocery stores, but the packaged version was very bad, and it's no longer sold here... that said, I would love to try their store next time I'm in Edmonton!

        1. Hey my name is Averie and I work at Bueno Gelato
          the gelato from Famoso is bought from us
          we make it and they buy it from us
          and not just Famoso we also sell our gelato to the Dish, Padmanadi and Violino
          so there gelato cannot possibly be better than ours
          and i shoudn't say this but we put more flavour in our gelato then the ones we sell to famoso and the other resaurants and ours is of course cheaper since we make it ourselves!
          so they cannot possibly have better gelato than us!
          im not lieing i work theyre come say hi to me! =]

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          1. re: averie

            Just to play devil's advocate; some people may in fact like the gelato at different establishments because of this difference you pointed out. All tastes are not created equal.

            In saying that, I will give Bueno a try as I do enjoy what is available at Famoso.

            1. re: averie

              My only complaint with Bueno is the serving size - you can't get anything less than a huge scoop and it's priced accordingly. The value is fine, but I'd rather have half the amount for half the price.

              Secondly, they violate the worldwide gelato practice of allowing 2 flavours in a 'small' serving, 3 in a 'medium' serving, and 4 in a 'large'. At Bueno, if you want to sample 2 flavours you need to buy an enormous double scoop cone which costs like 7-8 bucks if I remember right.

              1. re: egon61

                I just got back from Fantasia in Enterprise Square (the old Hudson's Bay building).

                Great service, spoke to the woman that makes the gelato and the Limonechello is as good as some of the others I've had elsewhere.

                1. re: egon61

                  My experience is that 1912 won't give me less gelato or more flavours, but the folks at Bueno Gelato always humour me with lots of flavours in whatever size I want. I really like the texture of their product. Haven't tried da Capo yet though!

              2. The original comment has been removed