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May 14, 2008 07:41 PM

Crave (at 21st and Guad)

Anyone know the story about Crave? The sign says "Thai and Sushi Bar". It's opening at 21st and Guadalupe, in the location where Baja Fresh was for a short while, and where Sound Exchange was for you real long timers.

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  1. We'd better make sure they don't paint over the "Hello How Are You?" mural!

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    1. My husband and I just had dinner there last night - we were very impressed. The service was great and the food was delicious. He had the green curry fried rice - highly recommended! I had the red curry. Nice and spicy. We can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu.

      Our waitress said they have Kenichi's former sushi chef...

      1. Really delicious yellow curry (but VERY spicy), great service (from the hostess -- I ordered takeout). Will definitely visit again. My one complaint is that I didn't get enough rice to go with the tub of curry -- there's lots of curry leftover but nothing to pour it over.

        1. Went last week and was impressed. Big, tasty bento box lunch (miso, tempura, cali rolls, etc)- am eager to try more. Same owners as Thai Spice. Very pretty inside, nice waiter.

          1. Went back for lunch today and was disappointed. Got sat at the bar behind a steel wall and the server didn't see me for several minutes. Ordered the bento box lunch special with chicken pad thai (also comes with miso soup, veggie tempura, chicken spring rolls, 4 pc. california rolls). The hot food came out either tepid or cold, with the exception of the pad thai, which looked like stir-fried dog food. Nothing was particularly delicious, and there were shrimp tails in my pad thai. My CHICKEN pad thai. Server was contrite, but I was totally grossed out and probably won't be back -- I think I'll just go to Madam Mam's for my curry fix.