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May 14, 2008 07:37 PM

Top Chef-Healthy meal

OK, as if we didn't realize this already, but Spike is a jackass. Smart strategic move, but he is still an ass. Screwing everyone else is one thing but rubbing people's noses in it is another.

And Dale makes the big come back!!!! Steph is up there too. Awesome.

Problem children: Spike, Lisa, and Andrew Spike had the advantage too. What a tool! That salad looked not so tasty, and olive with grapes? Thats bizarre. I thought Stephanies box looked the tastiest of them all.

Andrew is an idiot, losing the rule sheet after taking on Colicchio about the dish. I thought Colicchio nailed Andrew pretty good too. You go Tom!!

Spike is even more of an ass at judge's table, as if that is possible. Lisa's not bugging me so much this time, for some reason. probably because Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber are bigger pains than she is.

I also liked Spikes facial expression while sitting in the middle of the Lisa and Andrew bitch fest. That whole "who me?" look is precious.

I see Andrew as the worst, Spike next, and Lisa.

Bye bye to Andrew.

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  1. agreed. as much as i dislike lisa, i'd like to see spike go home tonight. his behavior is beyond childish...and completely unsportsmanlike. when he made that comment to tom about his initial intention to simply leave the tomatoes sitting there to taunt everyone, i wanted to slap him.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      And he lied at judges table. He said he took those ingredients for his own use, not as a way to screw everyone else which is exactly the opposite of what he said in his solo interview. I was pulling my hair out that he wasn't sent home. On top of the fact that he's an a$$, he's just not any good!!!

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      1. agreed too. and he didn't put them to good use either. but andrew forgot a grain and i don't think it tasted great so...

        1. What kind of soup exactly did Stephanie make? There were meatballs in it??

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          1. re: jules127

            mushroom leek with meatballs (don't know what kind)

            by the way all three of them (at judges table) are quite distasteful. lisa and spike especially. i mean really this competition does not bring out the best in them.

            1. re: jules127

              Mushroom and leek soup is what I heard her say, with meatballs in it. Sounded rather odd to me, but it was one of the Top 2? Will be interested to see the recipe tomorrow on Bravo's website.

              1. re: jules127

                I thought it was mushroom barley with meatballs - one of my favorite soups -

                1. re: weinstein5

                  i could be wrong, but i think she did barley as a separate side with a vegetable puree and a yogurt sauce (at least that's my memory)

                    1. re: phee

                      well i wasn't totally wrong! i saw the right dishes (and heard the right name of the soup - mushroom leek) but then at the end you add the separate dish of barley to soup. thanks for the clarification. sounds pretty good for fall.

              2. Also agree. Spike's a complete jerk.

                But quite frankly, Lisa said something amazing that she obviously can't see the forest for the trees: "Some people don't deserve to be here and their personalities suck ass." Whoa - check the mirror.

                And yet again - she had crossed arms when Sam criticized her QF salad. In her argument with Andrew in the stew room, she had the same attitude - crossed arms and leaning way back. Body language would lead me to believe she knew she was wrong in her arguments.

                However - unanimous decision and it's looking like maybe Andrew because he forgot a whole grain? We shall see....

                ETA: Wow - Andrew is gone - someone that some said might be in the final 3. I haven't liked him much from the beginning, and for me, any one of the 3 could have gone and I would have been fine with it.

                And goody! It's Restaurant Wars NEXT week! :-)

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                1. re: LindaWhit

                  Did you hear Andrew when he said his goodbyes? Padma said that she hopes she can taste his cooking again and Andrew said that she will. What a cocky schmuck.

                  I wonder if Andrew had his culinary b----r when they chucked him.

                  1. re: Phaedrus

                    "I wonder if Andrew had his culinary b----r when they chucked him."

                    LOL! Better line than anything Spike or Andrew has ever said. : )

                    1. re: Phaedrus

                      <Did you hear Andrew when he said his goodbyes? Padma said that she hopes she can taste his cooking again and Andrew said that she will. What a cocky schmuck.> not so much. at least at taping time, Andrew was sous chef at Le Cirque, so if Padma wants to taste his cooking, all she has to do is make a ressie and go there!

                      sorry he f...ed up so badly. would have much preferred to see either Spike or Lisa out of there. Ah well, there's always next week!

                    2. re: LindaWhit

                      What about Spike calling Dale a "little bitch"? The only little bitch I see is Spike.

                      1. re: Ericandblueboy

                        Yeah, the whole JT was a complete mess. I think Tom, Padma and Ted were a bit stunned with the whole backbiting the 3 of them did, and Sam just sat there thinking "you three are all idiots - do NOT do this in front of the judges!"

                      2. re: LindaWhit

                        Well, again in an attempt to be fair: Lisa hasn't been watching the show as the competition/filming happened, nor has she had a chance to read the comments. Thus, if she tends to cross her arms, she's not going to see that tic and train herself out of it until AFTER this is all over.

                        (I say this because just the other day, someone commented on a tic of mine that I had no idea about-- nothing aggressive, more self-deprecating. But I had no idea. That's why some people in my profession tape themselves-- to see what they don't know and can change.)

                        Give Lisa time, if in Top Chef: The Return, she's still doing it, then you can comment on the fact she has not yet given up the stance.

                        All this said, yes, the personality that's coming across is not pleasing.

                        (This does make me wonder about women in the kitchen, though, and how they are regarded/respected, etc. I don't think it's all about the cooking chops even if good food is what we all want. It's how they assert their authority as Chef and this is still a challenging territory in many cases.)

                        1. re: Lizard

                          chix have it tough in many kitchens. there are still plenty of male cooks who won't take orders from a female exec. the physical nature of the job makes for some tough and strong women carrying cases of #10 cans around on their shoulders. many women go for the "i'm butch-er than all of you, including the males" look in the kitchen--"i can lift more than you, i can work longer than you, i have a dirtier mouth than you, my motorcycle is bigger than yours, i have more tattoos than you, my unfiltered lucky strikes are tougher than your winstons, i like my whiskey straight, etc." i have unfortunately seen, on occasion, some amazonian senior chefs hazing and picking on smaller female, *and* smaller male junior cooks, kind of buying into the sexism of the industry and making these people's lives horrible until someone newer or smaller comes along. i am not saying that this is lisa's m.o, just that it is a common one in pro kitchens ime. otoh i catch myself thinking that zoi and nikki both were both just not physically tough enough for the real work, so maybe i'm just as bad.

                          i am willing to give lisa a lot of leeway on the bad-attitude problem if her normal work situation is: she's the lone female cook in an all-male kitchen--because that *sucks*!!!--but she's also shown a lot of immaturity in accepting constructive criticism and does not appear to work well in teams (exception-- her successful pairing with stephanie). none of the other chefs seem to like lisa at all, and i think that comes down to her personality rather than her cooking chops--but i think stephanie, antonia and jennifer are all more talented cooks than lisa.

                          while i do think that ultimately the competition is about what is on the plate, i think that personalities will figure in. there are some great chefs who are horrible to work for, and lisa's food just doesn't look good enough to counterbalance her crushingly negative personality. thinking about any of the female chefs on the show as execs, i could see antonia or jennifer as being successful. stephanie appears, for my taste, a little wishy-washy actually, although i think that comes down to editing--as she successfully ran her own kitchen in chicago. nikki strikes me as more of an events coordinator than a working chef. zoi and nimma-- embarrassingly inexperienced. if lisa were made an exec, i don't think *any* of her staff would be calling her by her real name behind her back, if you know what i mean. of course, you could say the same thing about spike.

                          it's tough to manage/wrangle diverse personalities and genders in a pro kitchen, and it's actually a lot like sports: all-male & all female teams can be very successful, although you have annoying juvenile tendencies with both; roughly balanced co-ed, mixed teams are ime the most successful/comfortable working environment, and when you start to get unbalanced with either males or females becoming too dominant, you end up with issues and power trips that get out of hand really quickly in stressful situations--so then you need a strong leader who is also perceptive and fair. my gut tells me i'd work for richard or stephanie; think about working for dale or antonia; would *not* work for lisa or spike.

                          1. re: soupkitten

                            "...if lisa were made an exec, i don't think *any* of her staff would be calling her by her real name behind her back, if you know what i mean. of course, you could say the same thing about spike."

                            You could also say the same thing about Marco Pierre White, or Gordon Ramsay (who appears to be making a boatload of money out of it).

                            1. re: Nettie

                              gotta disagree there. ramsay has a great staff retention and a lot of the top talent would chop off a toe to work for him. he may be tough but he's also supportive of talented people and molds his staff into great chefs. ramsay is very talented and well-respected, and you must bear in mind that he's not constantly yelling at his own hand-picked staff the way he does when he's calling inept cooking contestants "donkeys" on fox tv. :) i think that behind ramsay's back, his staff call him "chef"-- which wasn't the word i was thinking of to describe lisa and spike.

                              from what i hear, m.p.w. has mellowed out a lot lately, & doesn't throw stuff all the time anymore. he's still a a nutjob though. ;)

                              1. re: soupkitten

                                Thanks Soupkitten.
                                Just to add that Lisa seemed to work well in the wedding wars group where the overall sentiment was that Dale was the unpleasant one. (Comments in shows-- editing, I know-- suggest Dale is less than desirable in group projects, even with his chops.)
                                As for defensiveness I think the contestants on this show must be going a bit mad. In so many shows up until now, judges used the inability of a chef to stand by his or her work as an excuse to knife them. Perhaps this is what has led to these uber-defensive judging tables-- although I do have to say that Lisa's 'I don't know, you tell me' was pretty lame. And her other trips are just as annoying.
                                This does make me wish we could see the event in real time, though. Wish they'd post raw footage on Bravo, Of course, like I'm not wasting enough time with this show.

                                1. re: Lizard

                                  <Just to add that Lisa seemed to work well in the wedding wars group where the overall sentiment was that Dale was the unpleasant one. (Comments in shows-- editing, I know-- suggest Dale is less than desirable in group projects, even with his chops.) > Interesting comment. I didn''t see it that way. I saw Lisa as going off by herself to bake the cake. No serious interaction with the others. Likewise, Dale. he expressed displeasure at being "stuck" with a bunch of fairly uncreative (and perhaps less talented) chefs, and then went off by himself and made all the dishes the others either didn't want to make or wouldn't take on. I thought all four were pretty disconnected from the others in that episode.... to their misfortune.

                                  1. re: ChefJune

                                    Yes, you're right about the Lisa wandering off to do her own thing, but the sense I got was that her presence wasn't commented upon to the degree Dale's was (someone made a comment about how half the house didn't like working with him).

                                    That said, whatever, The way this is going, there are a group of people who don't seem particularly nice. I reckon this is part editing/character making and part extreme circumstances and fatigue.

                                    1. re: Lizard

                                      I think Lisa was really smart in entering this challenge; she knew they were the misfit team and she separated herself in a way that was natural and fit in with the challenge. I wouldn't say this means she plays particularly well with others; what I would say is that she had good insight into the situation -- better insight than Dale had, for sure -- and she played it right, sacrificing a little on what she was making (she mentioned her hatred of making pastry in a previous episode) in exchange for 14 hours of cooking alone instead of dealing with Nikki, Spike and Dale.

                            2. re: soupkitten

                              If you listen to the Chow interview with Nikki, you'll get a different impression. She works damn hard at her restaurant, and she admitted she's a lot more domineering than she was depicted on the show. In a situation like Top Chef, where everyone is equal and many of them have strong personalities, some people may choose a quieter, less assertive persona relative to the others.