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May 14, 2008 07:23 PM

Mariscos Costa a Costa- Bird Rock SD

i drove by the other day and this place caught my eye. not really a neighborhood that i would expect an authentic mariscos spot to be, but there seemed to be a fair amount of diners. i can't find a website or any reviews online so hopefully someone's been there before and can tell me if it's worth checking out.

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  1. DoctorQuality,

    We have seen this place for a few weeks, a very unfortunate time to open a restaurant in the area given the very extensive road work on La Jolla Blvd that has shut down even some very established businesses. My first thought upon seeing it was "This looks like a baja entrepreneur"!. The first couple of weeks there was no sight of anyone dining, but that has seemed to change as I see more people (many families) sitting on the outdoor patio. I, like you, hope one of the chowhounders will review it soon (being the first sort of paralizes me) as I only have the opportunity to pass it on my way home from shopping in PB and there are as yet no U-turns available. Hey Kare Raisu - where are you when we need you? I know it's in La Jolla, but we need your expertise.

    1. Damn, La Jolla! That's the frontier. Outside of selling my soul for 8 hours of my day in La Jolla, I stay away. My Mexican Paradises lie only south of the 8 and north of Rancho Bernardo but I am willing to give it a go. You 2 down for a chowdown?

      1. This blog has a post about the Mariscos in La Jolla (second post from the top):

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          Thanks for the link honkman, pretty funny couple - gave me nice midday giggle. Not sure that it gives me a lot of confidence in the place if they can't make decent chips, and the high school server...she seems to be working at almost every restaurant I visit lately (other than fine dining). That being said, still up for a chowdown kare-raisu?

          1. re: foodiechick

            definitely - re you suscribed to the sdchow group?

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              Chowdown virgin, but after reading this just joined the group...

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                Cool - let me know when are the best days and times for you and we will set something up with some of us.

          2. re: honkman

            yeah, this was the only thing i could dig up as i searched, but it didn't say much in terms of the actual food