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May 14, 2008 06:32 PM

downhill alert: Vallejo's (4th and S) Sacramento

very sorry to say that one of my favorite places for affordable mexican food has gone downhill. have gone twice recently just to be sure, and both times they had slipped in both service and quality. in fact, service was very rude the last time, possibly because i pointed out that their nacho chips were stale (which they did not even bother or offer to replace). and i was not a coupon user, so there was no reason for their chitziness.

i even heard hear them talking loudly in spanish about our table, and it did not make me feel welcome.

anyway, the steak jumbo burrito that i ordered was its usual massive size, but the meat was decidedly not fresh. some of the steak was as hard as beef jerky. my wife had the same comment about her chicken jumbo burrito, and both of us had stomach cramps afterwards.

business seems to have slowed down somewhat the times i visited as well (weekend nights), so turnover is probably not was it used to be and, consequently, things are not as fresh.

hope they recover, because it was a nice place for affordable mexican food.

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  1. Sushidog, you need to try a place that I have been repeatedly recommending on CH - Jalapeno's, on 21st between N and O (next to Zelda's).

    I stopped eating a Vallejo's about 10 years ago, when the service was iffy and the food was incredibly salty. Can't say much about the service back then either. I do like to give a place the opportunity to redeem itself, but Vallejo's didn't do it for me, so I left.

    You'll enjoy the service at Jalapeno's; and if Ricardo or Claudia are in, tell them Glenn says "hi"