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suggestions for dinner in brooklyn heights

Hi everyone,

I am new to bk heights and wondered if anyone has any favorites in the area.
It seems as though there aren't that many restaurants in the area.


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  1. We like Petite Marche (French)on Henry. Just ate there on Sunday and it was very good. Also Noodle Pudding (Italian) is good as well.

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      agree with both le petit marche and noodle pudding. henry's end is popular too. iron chef sushi is great, as is siggy's for healthy organic fare. have had mixed experiences with jack the horse tavern, but would recommend giving it a shot.
      on montague st, you have options - but theyre generally just okay. theresa's (polish dinerish spot), heights cafe (mediocre nighborhood bistro food), cafe buon gusto (reasonable italian).

      walk up court, smith, or on to atlantic (cobble hill, boerum hill, carroll gardens) for quite a few more dining options.

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        Noodle Pudding is always quite good, service is warm and friendly. You can never lose when going there.

        Henry's End is excellent, with great service. Tougher to get a table but well worth it.

        I feel is if Petit Marche has gone down hill since last summer. It's average fare at best.

        JTH is hit or miss. Food is below average in my opinion. But the bar is nice.

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          I think that Henry's End also has gone downhill a little since their last cook left. They have their ups and downs, but are still good.

          Noodle Pudding is underrated. Some of their specials are really world class sometimes. Regular menu items are always great too. They also really know how to treat customers, the owner is a hell of a nice guy.

          I personally do not like 5 Front. I think it is a wee bit pretentious and does not come through with great food. The food looks good though.

    2. What kind of dinner are you looking for? There's not much for fine dining in the heart of Brooklyn Heights besides Noodle Pudding and Petit Marche. I prefer to walk to Smith St. in Cobble Hill for Saul, Lunetta and Chestnut.

      For more casual fare, there's Bocca Lupo (small bite Italian) on Henry St. I also like Siggy's for healthy weekday meals. They have great turkey burgers. For pizza, Facati's or Grimaldi's.

      1. Agree that the three usual suspects (Henry's End, Noodle Pudding, Petite Marche, in that order from my point of view) are your go-to places for good dinners in the neighborhood. One other option that sometimes goes unmentioned in the BK Heights threads is Queen on Court Street between Livingston and Schermerhorn. It's not much to look at (inside or out), but they serve classic, well-executed "red sauce" Italian. The homemade fresh mozzarella is especially good, as is almost everything on the daily specials menu.

        Also on the borders of the neighborhood, try Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic near Clinton for a good burger and a beer and Waterfalls on the other side of Atlantic (same block) for inexpensive, very good middle eastern food. A little further afield but well worth the walk is Lucali's on Henry St. and 1st Place in Carroll Gardens -- some of the best pizza anywhere, but get there when they open at 6:00 or be prepared to wait.

        Welcome to the neighborhood.

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          Does Lucali open at 6:00 every evening? If we were to show up right at 6 or a little before what is the largest size group that could be comfortably accomodated? Thanks.

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            You could get a group of 6 or 8 seated if you get there early, but I would recommend getting there around 5:45 or so. I have gotten there at 6 on the dot or 5 to and everyone has already been seated, people are milling around outside and there is a significant wait. Or go late, closer to nine or even after.

        2. Thanks guys,

          we ended up going to Noodle pudding, which i have been to before,

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            Second Lucali and Bocca Lupo - both are excellent.
            Chip Shop on Atlantic is also good...Tazza has pretty good salads and paninis. And for a good go-to chinese delivery place I like Fortune House. It won't win any awards but it's consistent and reliable.

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              Tazza is my favorite coffee shop, and I've heard rumors that there's another one going up near Clark Street...
              If you're looking for decent Mexican food (and good Mexican cocktails), head to Hecho en Dumbo in (ha) Dumbo.
              I second the Waterfront Ale House rec... It's a great neighborhood spot. Both King Tut and Fatoush are good options for Middle Eastern delivery, and I personally think JTH is overpriced and stuffy, but they make the best macaroni and cheese in the world.

          2. Try Noodle Pudding for gods sake

            1. You don't say anything about where in the Heights you live or what kind of budget you have... in general, the Heights is some of the most... lackluster food in Brooklyn. That said, there's good stuff here and there. In no particular order:

              Henry's End
              Noodle Pudding
              Petite Marche
              Henry St. Ale House (Rarely discussed, very good)
              Waterfront Ale House
              Five Guys
              Chip Shop

              And of course if you go a bit further afield into Dumbo, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill you'll find a dozen other places worth the time and money.

              You can find more on all these places with some searches.

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                I'll add La Mancha (2 doors from Chip Shop, next to Floyd's) to Peter's list. The prices scare people but the tapas portions are huge and they do great large "grilled" sardines, blood sausage (morcilla), tripe, kidneys, baby squid and chorizo. Tell Jose and Lereda that Steve sent you.

                Peter: why does everyone love Tazza? I think the coffee there is weak, the pastries mediocre and the service uneven. I know it's the only nice looking coffeehouse with outdoor seating (and that's why I go anyway) but still... Maybe the sandwiches & wine bar are much better there. I'm puzzled.

                1. re: Steve R


                  A few disparate items in answer to your question:

                  -- I don't drink coffee so I can't speak to that.
                  -- Yes, the staff is a bit scattered but in my several dozen visits, always nice and trying hard
                  -- The best baguettes available in Brooklyn Heights (Tom Cat Bakery and a few others)
                  -- The best lunch salads in the Heights.
                  -- Some very tasty unusual sandwiches.
                  -- Some excellent breakfasts as well.
                  -- Outdoor seating which is not common at breakfast around the Heights
                  -- A casual lunch place that offers a glass of wine.
                  -- The no cell phone/no laptop rule -- really, quite refreshing.

                  In general, don't think of it as coffee house. Think of it as a casual breakfast and lunch spot with wine. When viewed that way, I think it's the best breakfast or lunch option the Heights has to offer.


                2. re: Peter

                  Second to Henry St Ale House - good beer selection (tap & bottles) and the food is always tasty - a step above your usual bar fare. The black bean burgers are homemade, and they're awesome - so are the wings. Plenty of tables so you can have dinner there & not just feel like you're at the bar.

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                    I had a different experience with the black bean burger at Henry St. Ale House. I went a couple weeks ago and it was this very thin patty like what you'd find in the freezer section at the grocery store.