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May 14, 2008 04:45 PM

Semi-private for 8 in the city?

Hi! I am looking for a dinner location in the city -- downtown/river north area, for 8 people. My wife and I, with both sets of parents and siblings. We would like to do something where we have our own space, but not necessarily a walled-off separate room -- does that make sense? Maybe curtains...or a half-wall or something like that....I'm open to suggestions.

As far as type of restaurant -- nothing crazy (tru, trotter's, etc), but not a taquiera either. Maybe in the $10-$20 entree level? Also, three people are vegetarians, so it will have to be veggie friendly.

I can provide more info if needed....


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  1. Not sure this is the right price point, but you should consider Coco Pazzo. They might be able to pull some of the curtains around your table to acheive what you're looking for.

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      Their sister restaurant to the east, Coco Pazzo Cafe, might be a good option; it's a bit less expensive, and thus within your target price range. (Entrees average $20 at Coco Pazzo Cafe, $30 at Coco Pazzo.)

    2. Brasserie Jo has a few nooks, so if you called them and explained, they could probably do it. Good food, some veggie dishes. At worst, really great pizza and pasta selections without meat.

      1. I would definitely suggest Sepia. If you ask specifically for the round table in the back they will happily seat you there. You can check it out on the website: The food is excellent, the atmosphere superb (especially at your own section) and cocktails sublime. Enjoy!

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          MK has very good food and a nice semi-private table that overlooks the main dining room.