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May 14, 2008 03:13 PM

Tex Mex in Phoenix/Scottsdale

Hi there...4 of us are coming into Phoenix over Memorial Day weekend from NYC and SF...looking for a great tex-mex or mexican restaurant in or around Scottsdale. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  1. We don't need no stinkin Velveeeta. Sorry, just kidding.

    You can't go wrong with Los Sombreros, Richardsons, Padres or Carlsbad Tavern and there are lots of mentionings of these if you search this board at the top of the page. Plus the original Los Dos Molinos, which has a branch in NYC, is from here as well.

    1. Tex-Mex -- not so much in Arizona. Our border style is Sonoran. We also have restaurants serving regional foods from the Mexican interior, as well as several New Mexican restaurants.

      Whereabouts in the enormous suburb Scottsdale will you be staying?

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        I have found the same. I'm a bit more of a Tex-Mex fan, but I guess it depends on where one grows up. El Conquistador (32nd St) is about as close as I have come, and I know they are from Jalisco State. Still, some similarities in their recipes.

        This is not to diminish the great AZ-Mex (Sonoran, Baja, etc.), but I think of Laredo, or even San Antonio, when I think of great Tex-Mex.


      2. Barrio needs to be on any shortlist of PHX area Mex eateries, of whatever regional persuasion.

        Tex-Mex though???? Let me guess ... Rotel's is a staple??? lol

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          The Barrio is it. I had a pepper soup there that was so good I thought it shouldn't be served, just listed on the menu. Mere mortals weren't good enough to eat it.