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May 14, 2008 03:10 PM

Good Restaurant in Burbank?

I just read somewhere about a great new restaurant in Burbank. I cannot remember where I saw it or what it is. HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions for other good restaurants? I need a reservation for Fri. the 23rd.

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  1. New to you, or new in general?

    There's Morton's, there's the place that used to be French 75 (somebody help me out with the name), there's Bistro Provence, there's Granville... any of those help you?

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      1. I think you must be looking for 3rd and olive. It's next to kinko's across from city hall on olive.


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          The new spot you heard of is almost certainly Third and Olive, on the site of the former Lasher's Steakhouse.

          Haven't tried 3&O yet, but I highly recommend Miki Zivkovic's other Burbank spot, Bistro Provence, which is in Pass Ave. in Toluca Lake, in the Von's mall just north of the 134:


          Bistro Provence
          345 N Pass Ave, Burbank, CA 91505

          Third and Olive
          250 E. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91505

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            Went to Third and Olive a couple of weeks ago. We were seated immediately. Ordered drinks. Drinks took forever (at least 20 minutes). We thought our server had forgotten us and were actually assigned a new server. But they did arrive and our original server stayed with us. There were three of us and we each ordered apps and entrees. The appetizers were pretty good. The entrees though, had problems. My friend ordered a steak with absolutely no black pepper. Server wrote it down - ignored by kitchen. She sent it back and my husband and I nibbled and nibbled - nearly finished by the time her steak was returned. My husband ordered a seafood stew and 1/2 of the bivalves did not open (they took it off the bill in the end). I ordered duck breast with blackberry sauce and it came with - blueberry sauce! Not the same thing!!! I brought it up and was told that the blackberries were in the blueberry sauce. I didn't see or taste any and I would not have ordered it with blueberries. They also sliced the duck breast before grilling it, which, to me, overcooks it and robs me of seeing the beautiful fan of deep pink, but that's just my opinion. And our wine showed up after my husband and I were finished eating. We accepted it because our friend had barely begun her steak.

            To be fair, they'd only been open a couple of weeks - but it was pretty bad. They were nice about it in the end (took the stew off the bill and gave us a free dessert) and we will return to see if they've worked out the bar and kitchen problems (I don't think it was the server's fault). I think the place has potential, but another experience like that and we will not return.