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May 14, 2008 03:08 PM

Chelmsford Thai Restaurant Worth a Look

Hi, All.

This is a shout out for Yong Tong II Thai in Chelmsford at 61 Central Square. They have rocking good Thai food that is better than many of the Boston area places and utterly fantastic for Chelmsford.

I have no idea where Yong Tong I is located. If it's as good as II, try it! It is hard to find good food of any kind out here in suburbia.

This Thai restaurant has all the usual offerings done fresh and tasty plus some more unusual menu choices such as a delicious pumpkin custard. The pad Thai is sweet but not too sweet. They use fresh broad rice noodles.

Please help keep this restaurant open. I hardly see people in there, even though it is nice. I think it is because it is hidden in a tough, hard-to-see location in Chelmsford center. I would be so sad to see the one good place (that I know of) in this town leave.

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  1. Can you give some details re. location? Ch'ford Ctr isn't easy to maneuver. I've heard of a good breakfast place near the Rhino store but still haven't found it.

    1. I used to go to the Northborough location for lunch about 2-3 times a month when i worked down the street. Decent food and always had fresh cut orchids on the tables.

      1. address

        Yoong Tong II Thai Restaurant
        61 Central Sq, Chelmsford, MA 01824

        1. I really wanted to patronize the place but they charge Boston prices in the 'burbs. Standard dishes like Chicken w/Basil were going for 14-15 bucks, which is 4-5 dollars more than Thai Jasmine down RT 110 toward Westford (in the same little strip as India Palace). The owner justified the prices saying they use only "white meat chicken" in their chicken dishes. Umm...OK. This upscale front doesn't do it for me, since I find the food just as good at cheap little hole-in-the-walls in Lowell. The same goes for Garlic Bistro, Karma, and Feng Shui. Call me a neanderthal, but it really doesn't matter to me if the dish comes with a flower blossom garnish.

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            I got takeout from Yoong Tong last Saturday. Excellent as usual. The Kratong Tong appetizers melt in your mouth, the spring rolls were solid though not spectacular, and the yellow curry is as good as any I've had on the East Coast.

            Yeah, it's a few dollars more than Lowell, but you get less grease, fresher ingredients, and excellent service (we usually eat in). I'm not much of a foodie, but even I can tell the difference between Yoong Tong and the other Thai restaurants in Chelmsford and Westford.

            Disclaimer: My SO doesn't like very spicy food, so we walk on the mild side.