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May 14, 2008 02:48 PM

Disney Dinner/lunch

My family is planning a trip to Disney this August and I just thought I'd try to get any opinions on restaurants we have already made reservations for.

Cinderella's Royal Table - Dinner
'Ohana - Dinner
Biergarten Restaurant - Dinner
Teppanyaki Dining Room (Tepan Edo? I think is the new name) - Dinner
Brown Derby - Lunch

All comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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  1. The only ones of those that I have been to are Biergarten and Brown Derby. Those are great choices. They chop their cobb salad very finely, which makes it easy and fun to eat. It's a great cobb. I've also had the filet mignon cobb which has an interesting presentation and was excellent.

    I have heard the Teppanyaki dining room is awesome too. I used to hear that Cinderella's was just okay, but in recent years the reviews have seemed to get better. I have noticed over the years (and I mean going back to before I lived in Orlando, when we would vacation at Disney) the food has continuously been improving throughout the parks.

    1. I forgot, another great place to eat in the parks is the indoor restaurant in the Mexico exhibit at Epcot. It is unexpectedly good, and the atmosphere is cool - it's like you're eating outside at night.

      Also, Boma is a great African-themed buffet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (they have more familiar offerings too, but the African food is yummy - my favorite is the oxtail soup). Make reservations! It is very popular.

      1. We were at Disney a few weeks ago and had dinner at Ohana. Our son is 5 years old and he had a blast! They had coconut races and a limbo for the kids, and the atmosphere there is just plain fun and festive. I found the food to be just so-so -- very good bread, salad, shrimp, pasta (very similar to a pad thai), and turkey. The steak and pork were way overcooked. The dessert - a banana bread pudding w/ caramel sauce - was very yummy. I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

        Not sure if you're looking for suggestions for places not on your list but in case you are:

        I highly recommend the Hoop Dee Do Review. The food was uniformly very good, and the show was so entertaining. We all had a great time, and we will definitely go back on future trips.

        Loved the character lunch @ Garden Grill @ Epcot. While the food, much like Ohana, was just so-so, the character interaction was awesome. Mickey, Pluto, and Chip & Dale each came to our table twice. It is such a quiet and private atmosphere compared to the character lunch we had @ Crystal Palace @ MK.

        We also had a very good lunch @ Sci-Fi Diner @ DHS. You'll find lots of negative reviews of the place online, but we had a good lunch of burgers, shakes and onion rings, and the atmosphere there is great.

        Excellent counter service @ Flame Tree BBQ @ Animal Kingdom. I loved my smoked chicken and cornbread muffin. The line at lunchtime can be long but it is worth the wait.

        A couple places we really enjoyed @ Downtown Disney were Earl of Sandwich and Wolfgang Puck Express. I had one of the best sandwiches I've ever had @ Earl of Sandwich (awesome bread!), and the food and service @ WPE were also excellent.

        HTH. Enjoy your trip! We had such a great time and I am already wondering how soon we can go back!

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          What about:

          1900 Park Fare (Breakfast)
          Coral Reef
          Beaches and Cream
          Crystal Palace (Dinner)

          I have read mixed reviews on almost every place at Disney - where have reservations at the above. Opinions please (I wish there was a Disney Board). I have been to Cindy's Castle for don't go for the food. You go for the castle - everyone should have that experience at least once. O'Hanna has great pina really should be a meat eater for that place, and make sure you have a table in the front because if they put you in the back you won't see those activities that the kids love. I love Disney and can't wait for my vacation too.

          1. re: shesallthat

            There is a Disney Board. It has reviews on all of their restaurants. And I think the reviews can't be older than 6 months. I poured over that for months before our trip. It also has current menus.

        2. I really enjoy Brown Derby. We usually do it for lunch, but dinner has been fun as well. Their Cobb salads are great, but so is their seafood. I've been getting the "fish" of the day so to speak. They change it seasonally and it has always been good. Service has always been great.

          Teppanyaki, imho is way over priced. Haven't been to the new remodeled Japan, but did notice that the portions were smaller and prices higher with lots of items that used to be included were now separate. It's a Benihana type place. Lots of fun for kids. The Cast Members (all Disney employees are referred to in that way) really seem to work for the kids. It's a fun place.

          Flying Fish on the Boardwalk has some serious seafood. I love it. +/- for kids
          Kimono's in the Swan has the best sushi on property (again imho). +/- for kids but I've seen kids pop down sushi like no ones business.
          Il Mulino's in the Swan is an excellent Italian restaurant. Not sure what is happening at Italy in Epcot. Big change at their restaurant.

          California Grill atop the Contemporary has great food, gorgeous setting. I always insist on sitting somewhere in front of the kitchen. More action and better view of Disney. Wouldn't take real young kids.

          Biergarten is fun. It's a buffet only. Hadn't been there in years but went last summer and was pleasantly surprised. Great show too. Song and dance routine. Fun place.

          Cape May in the Beach Club has a clam bake buffet each nite. PACKED too. Fun for kids. Food for kids and adults. I enjoy it.

          Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club has some serious steaks. Kids menu too, but more adult oriented food.

          ESPN on the Boardwalk is fun. Pretty good food, Great atmosphere if you're a sports fan.

          Lots of people RAVE about LeCellier in Canada/Epcot. I've not eaten there, but it constantly gets great reviews.

          Hope this helps a bit.


          1. In Downtown Disney there are two places that we enjoy...

            The Earl of Sandwich is good for (what else?) good sandwichs at a reasonable (Disney standards) price.

            We also enjoy Raglan Road pub for good drinks & interesting Irish/American apps & entrees. Most nights there's traditional Irish musica after 9pm.