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May 14, 2008 02:18 PM

souvenir from Vancouver Island?

I have a friend going there later this month, what should she bring back for me? Or should i just refer to the "souvenir from Vancouver" thread that i started earlier? Was unsure if the replies would be different. Thanks from Toronto Ontario!

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  1. A bottle of wine from one of the Cowichan Valley, Gulf Island or Saanich Peninsula Wineries

    1. A box of Victoria creams from Rogers' Chocolates.

      1. Cheese for Qualicum Cheeseworks.
        Wine from Venturi-Schulz Vineyards - specifically the very nice sweet amber Brandenburg No.3 (great dessert wine - it will go well with desserts with caramelly, toffee, maple flavours).

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          Agree re the cheese but a slight correction so as not to confuse the OP -- it's Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. MIL brings me a large bag of their curds whenever she comes over to the big smoke, I think they're made fresh on Thursdays (?). I've heard you can get them STILL WARM on the farm itself that day.

        2. A Nanaimo bar from the British import store in downtown Nanamio. Tres delish!

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            I've heard of this city, but i don't understand the nanaimo bars aren't local?

          2. Cider from a cidery just outside Victoria. They have several choices.