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May 14, 2008 02:16 PM

What's in your Jam?

We picked 3 lbs of fresh strawberries over the weekend and by the next day I realized I better do something with them quickly. I made my second ever attempt at my own jam. Last time I did the freezer jam and this time I cooked the jam and utilized the inversion method of canning. So far so good.

I made a batch w/ balsamic vinegar and another batch w/ fresh mint & black pepper. The strawberries were very sweet & I'm T1 diabetic so I used very little sugar (Splenda For Baking which is equal parts Splenda and regular sugar).

I was thinking of out-of-the-ordinary flavor comdinations that would be fun to work with. Like peach/fresh ginger/mace (I made this pie). What interesting combos do you have for jam? Any good tips for a newbie?

p.s. The strawberry/mint/pepper jam tasted wonderful on whole wheat w/ natural almond butter!

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  1. red bell peppers and jalapenos.

    1. There are a couple of blogs I've read that have referenced "The Jam Fairy". She is a woman named Christine Ferber from the Alsace region of France and has a book, Mes Confiture, filled w/ unusual flavor combinations such as celery & apple jam, vanilla jam, morello cherry & almond jam - yum! Here is a link to one of the blogs:

      The recipe for the morello cherry & almond jam describes a process that takes several days. Cook, chill overnight, cook again and can. No pectin involved. I'm not familiar w/ this process but am intrigued and want to try it.

      1. I've had a homemade spiced peach jam which was unbelievable. The same cook also made a white tea peach jam which was very pleasant.

        1. a while back, father kitchen and i toyed with the concept of an earl gray tea jelly, or marmalade with bergamot.

          i've had a peach and "1015" onion salsa from texas that was like a marmalade. man, that was fantastic!