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May 14, 2008 02:00 PM

Chez Georges

I'm traveling to Paris with my Mom next week and we were able to secure a reservation at Chez Georges. Good choice?

I wasn't able to find a website. Anyone know of one? Also any "can't miss" items?


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  1. Is it Chez Georges at the Porte Maillot or Chez Georges rue du Mail. Both are traditional more or less casual bistrots, but Porte Maillot is more upscale and much bigger, rue du Mail is more convivial, with its all you can eat starters. Google "chez Georges Restaurant Paris" and the first two response are about the two restaurants. Neither have overwhelming specialties that I am aware of.

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      I believe it Chez Georges rue du Mail.

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        I ate there on Valentine's Day, 2005. I still remember the outstanding baguette -- maybe the best I've ever had. Seriously. It is a very charming, classic bistrot. For some reason the restaurant seemed segretated -- one room was full of Anglophones, the other full of French -- we were seated smack dab in the middle of the Anglophone room. My husband, who speaks fluent French, was kind of insulted.

        Apparently, I speak awful French because I made a terrible, terrible mistake ordering... I still don't know what happened -- I wanted the coeur de filet, but I ordered a hanger steak instead. It was 70% fat and came with a little gravy boat of additional fat on the wide. Very odd. I couldn't eat it. I'm still not sure why my brain misfired -- I clearly remember THINKING coeur de filet, but hanger steak came out.

        My husband had the coeur de filet and he loved it.

    2. This story actually starts out fine. Anybody that has been to Paris knows that a good portion of the restaurants are closed on Mondays. Getting a table for 8 on a Monday night at Chez George and having it ready when we got there was something to get really excited about. Well it all went south from there.

      My dinner partners on this particular night were a mix of half French and half Americans who all live and work in this amazing city. They are the kind of people who eat out very often and know all sorts of restaurants in Paris.

      I myself have been to Chez George on many occasions. I have a friend who has a house across the street and have been with her several times for lunch and dinner. On one occasion I went to a dinner given by the editor of Vogue who took over the restaurant for a special night. Every time I had a wonderful meal but that has been some time now.

      My first course was a “Salade Frisee aux Lardons/euf Mollet. When it arrived I was already surprised by the presentation (the lack of bacon and a rather tiered looking egg) but my biggest surprise was yet to come. As I was picking at the few pieces of lardon that I could scavenge. I came across of all things a rather large metal SCREW. I am not the kind of person to make a scene or ask for something for free but I thought I would bring it to the attention of our waiter. Our waiter at first had an expression of shock but that was all we would get from Chez George that expression and a below average meal.

      My neighbor who is a self proclaimed “foodie” ordered the “Rognon de Veau” which if one was looking for something to chew on for a few hours to kill some time, I would suggest this. At the other end of the table someone who I know goes out every night of her life had which on the menu was called “Entrecote” but should have been “Fat with a tiny sliver of Meat”. When she was finished it looked like a suicide bomber had exploded on her plate…. A rather fat one!!

      The rest of the table had pretty unremarkable comments as well and the one thing we all agreed is that we would never go back. I could go on and on but my advice is if you are looking for a good bistro in Paris don’t go the Chez George. Try Bistro de Paris, Le Voltaire, Chez Rene and if you want a really good entrecote go to the Entrecote. I guess things would have help if there had been some sort of acknowledgement that a screw in a salad deserves more than a look but alas this is a free world and I don’t have to go back.

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        It is unfortunate that your party experienced such a poor meal. But it is also unfortunate that, since there are a handful of Chez George/s in Paris, you haven't given us the coordinates of the restaurant that disappointed you.

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          Yes please give the address.
          As was pointed out there are two chez Georges, plus one chez George (no 's' in the end; which is how worldoyster spelled it, which is on rue des Canettes in St Germain; however on a similar worded review on tripadvisor, the restaurant reviewed is chez GeorgeS on rue du Mail), plus just Georges, in Centre Pompidou.

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            I'm pretty sure he's talking about Georges rue du Mail. Speaking of which, we had a very enjoyable meal at the one at Porte Maillot last december. Classic, generous, professional. A place I like.

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              Had a lovely lunch at rue du Mail Georges last month. Delicious food and good service, same as my last visit there. Georges in the Pompidou is only good for the view, I think. Barely remember what we ate there.

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                I agree as always with Soup, OP is talking about "that" one not the Porte Maillot location where I also loved the rolling cart of porkie stuff.